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ANGELINA CO JUNIOR COLLEGE Part-Time Biology/A and P Instructor Lufkin and Online in LUFKIN, Texas

POSITION:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Part-Time Biology/A and P Instructor i Lufkin and OnlineEMPLOYMENT DATE:iiiiiii Until FilledQUALIFICATIONS:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Required:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMasteris degree or higher with 18 graduate hours in theoretical or applied biological or life sciences.i For anatomy and physiology, a Doctor of Chiropractic, MD or DDS is allowable.iiiii Preferred:Teaching experience.Experience in higher education.Experience as instructor in assigned teaching discipline in online or hybrid formats.Demonstrate sensitivity to students with diverse academic, socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including those with disabilities.Understand how to work successfully as a team within all levels of the organization and know how to contribute to the mission of the college.It is the intent of the basic job requirements, duties, and responsibilities that these minimum requirements should, be referred to as a guide for, rather than a limitation to the services required.JOB DESCRIPTION:iiiiiiiiiiiiThe position will report to the Dean of Science and Mathematics for job responsibilities and other College related activities as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual. Essential duties include but are not limited to the following:iInteract effectively with a diverse student population;Work successfully as a team within all levels of the organization and contribute to the mission of the College;Foster an engaging, supportive, and challenging learning environment in classrooms, laboratories, shops, and co-curricular programs;Teach no more than nine credit hours per semester of organized courses according to the College Catalog description, the syllabus, and the schedule of classes;In collaboration with instructors assigned to the same academic unit, exercise responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of assigned curriculum;For assigned academic unit and/or educational program, participate with colleagues and administrators in identifying expected learning outcomes, assessing the extent to which students achieve those outcomes, and provide evidence of improvement based on the analysis of the results;As an individual and a College employee, participate in the promotion, development, and continuous improvement of the Collegeis academic and administrative policies, procedures, programs, and services;Maintain appropriate order and control of instructional settings to ensure a productive and engaging learning environment;Report disruptive or inappropriate student behavior to Student Affairs as necessary for the administration of the Student Conduct and Discipline Program (see FLB Local);Appropriately exercise the authority to direct students who exhibit disruptive or inappropriate behavior to leave an instructional setting immediately;At the beginning of each semester, distribute appropriate course information to students in each assigned course section according to the instructional arrangements policy (see: EC Regulation);Emphasize to students the importance of prompt, regular, and continuous class attendance according to the student admissions and attendance policy (see: FBD Regulation);Maintain in Blackboard, the LMS of Angelina College, accurate attendance and academic records of students enrolled in assigned course sections according to grading and credit policies and procedures (see: EGA Regulation);Provide regular and appropriate feedback to students enrolled in assigned course sections to help them gauge their academic performance and their acquisition of course content;Develop and proctor all examinations administered in assigned course sections, with obligatory exceptions; andSubmit semester class rolls, final class rolls, final grades, and grade book records to the Dean of the School of Arts and Education or her representative, according to the directives of the Office of the Registrar, in the designated timeframe.CONTRACT and SALARY:iiii Salary is competitive, based on the Ange