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EAST GUERNSEY LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT PreK-12 School Psychologist in Lore City, Ohio

Function:  The school psychologist works to promote mental health.  He/She assists and supports the individual by promoting positive student and classroom behavior while encouraging motivation and engagement.  Practices include but are not limited to psychological and academic assessments, observations, interpretations, consultations, and counseling while effectively communicating with parents about student progress. 

Certification - The Ohio Department of Education licensure requirements include the following: a master's or Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in school psychology; a 1200-hour internship; and passing a Praxis School Psychologist exam.

Experience - Minimum of the supervised internship that is required for the school psychologist certification completion.

If interested, email Jamie Rominger (Jamie.Rominger@eguernsey.k12.oh.us), Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent a resume, at least 3 professional references, and a letter of interest.  The successful applicants must meet all of the minimum qualifications.  The Board or its designee shall assess employee qualifications through testing (where applicable), employee evaluations, educational background, and previous work experience.