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ABM Industry Groups, LLC LEAD (H) in Lockbourne, Ohio

Position Summary Details  Troubleshoot, repair, maintain, and install HVAC and related equipment as assigned. Assume day to day coordination of specific agreements or projects as assigned to ensure contractual commitments are met in a timely, cost effective manner  Responsibilities     Use expert technical & troubleshooting knowledge to assist other service representatives in solving problems. Demonstrate capability and interest in training others. Can be relied on to train service technicians and trainees. Teach other technicians how to solve problems without solving the problem for them. Keep technical knowledge up to date regarding equipment and concepts. When presented with a problem, know what to do, and why, and whether to repair or replace. Search out and read applicable manuals and online sources. Belong to and take advantage of technical organizations to improve technical knowledge. Demonstrate capability of a handling heavy workload of calls Upon receiving a customer complaint, follow systematic questioning techniques and relate answers to the functioning of the system. Follow point-by-point troubleshooting guides to find faults in a short period of time. Avoid needless callbacks by checking complete system before leaving the job. Check safety and limit controls for proper setting before leaving the job. When faced with a seemingly unsolvable problem, seek out help and solve the problem before leaving. Use proper tools and instruments for troubleshooting. Inform customer when arriving at or leaving the job and when planning to return. Explore a customer complaint to determine the real problem. Respond to customer complaints with the proper amount of sympathy and empathy. When the problem is caused by the customer\'s use of the system (rather than a fault of the system), tactfully instruct the customer on proper use of the system. Give assurance to customer that the problem is fixed; explaining cause and remedy; and if problem has not been fixed offer explanation of situation and suggest next step. Demonstrate ability to accurately determine job priorities by: Adhering to planned call schedule Scheduling report time concurrent with jobs Handling interruptions in stride Having the proper tools, materials, and scheduled tasking when arriving at the job site Scheduling maintenance of vehicle Plan project work to ensure service representatives and material are on the job at the right time Promptly and accurately complete all required paperwork. Obtain customer signature on all service reports (before work begins when performing spot). Keep manager informed of unfavorable news, changes made, or disenchantment with price increases by customers. Communicate information to all parties who would benefit from it. Modify instructions to create understanding in all levels of people regardless of their technical knowledge. Instruct customer\'s personnel to the point that they can handle emergencies by themselves and know when to call for service. Recognize what has to be taught to customers and take required time to do so. Provide sales with qualified leads. Alert sales about competitive sales efforts. Provide Spot opportunities to meet Operational team goals. Determine who in the customer\'s organization is responsible for the mechanical system being serviced. Persuade customer to replace obsolete systems and makes recommendations. Assist Sales in pricing agreements and projects. Provide support for any special projects as assigned by your manager. These special projects, at the determination of your manager, may or may not become part of this position\'s primary responsibilities. When the Supervisor is present, the lead worker may also be responsible for directing smaller work groups While disciplinary authority is not given to this position, it is expected