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Teltech Communications, LLC Intake Project Manager / Jr. Site Development Project Manager in Lewisville, Texas

We seek a highly self-motivated individual to join our Site Development Project Controls Team “Intake”.

This role is responsible for oversight and management of the “front end” evaluation of tower site

opportunities. The individual will be responsible for oversight of internal resources and vendors,

ensuring quality control of site candidate packages, development of budgets, , efficiencies of cycle

times, and oversight of vendor purchase order and invoicing activities to ensure contract objectives are


Oversight of Internal Teams and Vendors

 Opportunities may require various teams to review information and provide

input for appropriate decision accomplishment:

• Real Estate team for lease reviews

• Sales team for colocation ability

• Construction team for build ability and budget

• Vendors for property availability and zoning ability

o Opportunity Review

 Monitor customer input systems for delivery of Site Opportunities (SBO).

 Log in and track all opportunities within Site Tracker database (ST).

 Set up the site opportunity page in Site Tracker (ST).

 Review geographic requirements of SBO as well as maps and coverage items.

 Conduct root metric evaluation of SBO.

 Coordinate colocation input from business development team

 Maintain, run, and distribute applicable project trackers for team review.

 Solicit and ensure Construction, Legal and Regulatory teams provide input as


 Ensure all information and deliverables are completed within the site

opportunity page.

 Conduct reviews with and make recommendations to corporate approval team.

 Complete applicable acceptance documentation and inform internal teams and

customer of SBO status.

 Track and ensure reviews are accomplished within prescribed cycle time


 Ensure Site Tracker database is updated.

o SCIP/EM Production

 Coordinate and evaluate sites within the candidate evaluation and selection


 Assign vendor and initiate purchase orders for Audits and SCIP process.

 Work directly with vendors for SCIP/Exhaust Memo (EM) completion.

 Interface with project managers for the correct information within the

SCIP as they are the local subject matter experts.

October 2021

 Strive to ensure audit, SCIP, EM deliverable cycle times are met.

 Review deliverables to ensure high standard of quality control and

customer is maintained.

 Ensure Vendors and internal teams submit deliverables and conduct all database

updates as required.

 Ensure company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are followed for proper

deliverables and site evaluation guidelines.

 Initiate and update applicable SCIP and Exhausted Memo, process SOP’s as

required, including the updating of all templates.

 Evaluate zoning ordinances and land management document regarding

processes and concurrence as part of the SCIP and EM process.

 Maintain designated sections of the ST database.

 Keep all regional project manager teams informed of SCIP/EM status/progress

so they may keep the customer appraised of schedule and issues.

• Complete Site Development Budget Documents (SDP)

• Conduct preliminary budget requirements during the SCIP phase

• For each Candidate – ensure the regional project manager and construction

manager review and complete the preliminary SDP with input from vendors

and utilizing their own regional subject matter knowledge.

• Coordinate a review of the SDP with project managers for site development

schedules and budgets and construction managers for construction schedule and


• Once SDP is reviewed, finalized and approved, ensure Finance reviews same in

accordance with established deliverable cycle times.

• SDP for a Build Only BTS Opportunity is submitted to customer

based upon company acceptance

• SDP for a search ring opportunity is submitted to customer based

upon RF candidate approval being obtained from customer

• QC and submit SDP within cycle time to customer via the Docusign process.

• Follow up with customer to obtain SDP approvals.

• Update all applicable ST database entries (Schedule / Comments).

• QC and upload all SDP’s.

• Additional Responsibilities

• Review all Site Development purchase order requests for proper processing

and issuance (contract compliance)

 Flow is Vendor to project manager for review and approval to Intake

for review and approval

• Review all site development invoice requests for proper processing and

issuance (contract compliance)

 Flow is Vendor to project manager for review and approval to Intake

for review and approval

October 2021

• Implement and update all applicable Site Development Project Control guidelines,

processes and procedures within the company SOP.

• Train vendors as required.

• Draft documents – Google Earth and other map databases

• Develop, coordinate, and evaluate SDP’s

• Evaluate and issue site development PO’s per contract pricing

• Evaluate and approve deliverables after project manager review to ensure quality of

deliverables and contract and budget goals are achieved.

• Other duties as required.

• Bachelor’s degree required.

• 3 to 5 years’ experience in wireless site development.

• Basic understanding of candidate identification and RF selection process and leasing, zoning,

and permitting processes.

• Strong follow up skills with internal teams, vendors, and customer POC’s to assure tasks are

completed in a timely and efficient manner and goals are met.

• Project management skills with a good understanding of project manager methodologies and


• Microsoft Office and Database proficiency.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Proactive and forward thinking with a strong sense of urgency.

• Self-motivated with the ability to deal with a fast-paced, ever-changing environment with strict


ID: 2022-1247

External Company Name: The Teltech Group

External Company URL: https://teltech.com/