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Woods Services Specialty Instructor, Common Grounds in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Develops and implements an appropriate vocational program for individuals in a café/retail and restaurant establishment. Assesses and utilizes instructional techniques, materials, training resources and professional consultation as necessary to develop, refine and/or enhance the vocational skills of individuals. Provides documentation of progress and actively communicates with the individual’s interdisciplinary team. Assists in the daily operations and maintenance of Common Grounds Café and Market as an enclave, learning endeavor and storefront. Contributes to and actively participates in the production, stock and creative avenues of Common Grounds Café and Market.

  • Provides a prescriptive and evaluative vocational program. Works with each individual’s team to develop and implement an individualized employment plan that best meets the individual’s personal and professional growth.

  • Knowledge of food industry standards and ability to independently prepare, partake and instruct individuals in the preparation, completion and delivery of all café and menu items, including barista and catering services.

  • Educates and engages individuals in appropriate customer service as well as the production, pricing and inventory of all items. Cultivating new ways of teaching to improve and increase skill sets for future employability in a community setting.

  • Maintains all necessary documentation (behavior, work performance, payroll, attendance, etc.) for individual workers ensuring all information is accurate and up to date. Prepares and submits all required paperwork according to deadlines and effectively communicates individual needs/information with team members and supervisor, as necessary.

  • Responsible for knowing, implementing and educating the individuals in all regulatory guidelines governing assigned worksite. Specifically, familiarity with maintaining a kitchen, store and stockroom according to Department of Health expectations and guidelines. Responsible for compliance with regular inspections to include, but not limited to Food and Nutrition and the Department of Health.

  • Assists in the daily operations and maintenance of Common Grounds Café and Market. Contributes to and actively participates in the production and its’ creative endeavors

  • Works with cash and credit card purchases accurately in a sales environment using designated equipment and technologies. Responsible to exchange and balance funds with efficiency.

  • Takes and schedules orders effectively communicating with the customer as well as management and shop staff (when applicable) to ensure customer’s specifications are understood and the order is completed timely and according to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • Maintains a clean, safe and organized work environment, which includes being respectful of shared space and the assurance of inventory and the maintenance of all materials and equipment.

  • Responsible for needed supplies and merchandise. Assisting with inventory, as assigned, including the coordination of all deliveries, competitive pricing, availability, variety and consumer satisfaction.

  • Dedicated to promoting and increasing business. Initiates ideas for holiday promotions, special events/sales and seeks out opportunities, conferences, and events to remain in tune and knowledgeable of trends

  • Responsible for the ongoing training and engagement of individuals with the necessary skill set and interest in Common Grounds Café and Market.

  • Utilizes an electronic health record to ensure all necessary documentation for individuals (behavior, work performance, attendance, etc.) is completed, up to date and accurate.

  • Keeps accurate production data to include contract and fiscal records in accordance with Woods billing & invoicing procedures, as well as state and federal requirements.

  • Assists individuals in the areas of personal care and activities of daily living (including mealtime, bathroom, etc.) as necessary and/or as stipulated in their ISP or Wellness Plan.

  • Utilizes and maintains adaptive devices/equipment, as stipulated in the individual’s Individual Plan, to assist individuals in the acquisition of functional skills to enhance performance in specific tasks.

  • Participates actively in the creation of an aesthetically welcoming environment with special attention to merchandising, connecting with the community and the consistent display of positive customer service skills.

  • Responsible for vehicle maintenance to include routine inspections, proper care, cleanliness and timely reporting of need/s.

  • Coordinates or personally completes deliveries safely, ensuring the delivery is packed securely and arrives according to customer specifications.

  • Attends and participates in training sessions, staff meetings and special events or assignments, as requested

  • Maintains effective working relationships with all levels of staff and management.

  • Works collaboratively, shares knowledge and acts as a support to all Woods’ Social Enterprises, to include participation in cross training if temporary reassignment is needed in an alternate Social Enterprise.

  • Performs other duties as assigned to meet need and ensure effectiveness and efficiency of programs.

Instructor 1

Proof of a High School Diploma, GED or a College Degree is required;

Instructor 2

Proof of an Associate’s Degree is required;

Instructor 3

Proof of a college degree in any field required;

Instructor 4

Must possess a bachelor’s degree (issued in the US, or verified by an authorized accreditation agency) in a human services field;

  • Must be 21 years of age or older. One year’s experience serving people with special needs, preferred. Customer service experience and knowledge in the specified social enterprise, preferred.

  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds, be agile, physically pursue clients on foot, physically restrain, bend, squat, stretch, reach, push up and stand for several hours at a time.

  • Must be able to read, write, enter dates and follow verbal/written directions, prepare written reports and complete written forms in English. Must be able to verbally communicate in English and direct clients, respond to clients’ needs. Computer skills, proficiency using standard office software.

  • Must obtain/maintain required certifications and attend classes/conferences/trainings, possibly outside of scheduled work hours, as required.

  • Must have a car and valid driver’s license; proof of valid automobile insurance submitted annually.

  • Must have flexibility in working nights and weekends, when programming needs require it.

Job ID: 2022-3508