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Woods Services Pool Nurse in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

The Woods nursing pool offers the opportunity for qualified nurses to work in a rewarding and challenging environment and in a variety of residential and clinical program areas. It provides a work schedule that allows for balance between an individual’s professional career and personal life. Nurses who join the Woods flexible nursing pool will be scheduled on an “as needed” basis to supplement staffing needs. Once hired, nurses will work with their Nurse Managers to schedule time between the Woodlands and Mollie Woods Programs. Some overnight coverage for Beechwood may also be available

A pool nurse provides normalized, therapeutic and preventative nursing care to individuals within the scope of Pennsylvania Practical Nurse Law and in accordance with licensing and Woods policies and procedures. They maintain regular and direct communication with the Woods campus nurse and nursing management.

Assessment: The nurse should be able to distinguish or identify, through the analysis of nursing assessment data, those signs, symptoms and processes which denote each individual child/adolescent/young adult/adult/senior’s interaction with any health problem or potential health problem. The nurse is to:

  • Assess client's health status on admission and on discharge from Woods.

  • Assess client’s health status on transfer to and discharge from hospital/ER.

  • Assess client when issues are brought to their attention by staff on accident/incident reports, etc.

  • Assess clients who appear in campus report, pertinent to needs as addressed in report.

  • Refer clients to campus nurse/physicians when further assessment is indicated. Differentiates between the need for emergency care or the need for physician follow-up making arrangements in conjunction with the campus nurse.

  • Actively participates in psychotropic medication reviews when needed.

  • Completes AIMS screening according to psychotropic monitoring protocols when needed.

Medication Administration:

  • Prepare and administer medications as ordered by Woods' physicians in accordance with Woods' Medication Procedures.

  • Receive verbal orders as necessary from Woods' physicians, dentists and approved Woods’ consultants.

  • Evaluate therapeutic effectiveness of medication with pertinent data and report any observed side effects or relevant laboratory values to Woods' physicians.

  • Document all relevant information related to medication administration according to Woods' Medication Procedure Manual on MAR sheets, physicians' orders and nurses' notes.

  • Review all medication changes and new orders with MTS and sign off on “Medication Review Sheet”.

  • Assist clients with the self-administration of medication goals as indicated by the SAM assessment and IHP goals.

  • Accurately administer and document treatments as ordered by Woods' physicians. Instruct MTS on any treatment for which they need to demonstrate competence and document on Training Form.

  • Instruct, supervise, and document treatments in which direct care staff may be involved.

  • Assist MTS with any discrepancies between MAR’s and labels on medication. Assist MTS when a supply of medication/treatment is needed.

    Communication/Documentation Responsibilities:

  • Document assessments in the medical chart and on all appropriate reports, forms, graphs, etc.

  • Document the health needs of specific clients on nursing logs, residential logs on a daily basis where applicable.

  • Document weekly on "Medical Profile DYFS" form for appropriate clients (NJ <21 years of age).

  • Prepare assessments for annual physical examinations, GYN, neurological reviews, IHP's, consults on and off campus, and complete hospital and emergency room transfer sheets.

  • Be responsible for division of paperwork with other unit nurses/MTS on all shifts.

  • Be responsible for checking messages and communication via computer/voicemail at least twice/shift.

  • Relay pertinent health concerns (i.e. seizures, elevated temperatures, unusual behavior, rashes, etc.) to the campus nurse. Depending on acuity, this is reported immediately or at the end of the shift.

  • Coordinates health appointments for clients, including family/guardian notification.

  • Participate in the Interdisciplinary Team process, as necessary.

  • Coordinate lab work, filling out forms if necessary.

  • Notify family/guardians/agencies/Residential Manager/Day Program Manager of health issues as necessary. Contact family/guardians/agencies for permission to proceed for non-routine testing. Consult with physicians/family if insurance will not pay for specific tests/procedures.

  • Maintain professional conduct during interactions with all Woods’ employees, residents and families.

  • Maintain courteous interaction and excellent communication skills.

Continuing Education:

  • Participate in relevant continuing education.

  • Maintain PA requirement related to CEU’s as licensure dictates.

  • Conduct in-services as a resource person regarding health issues for residential staff/MTS and documents on training forms.

  • Provide health teaching to clients as necessary.

  • Attend nurses' meetings/in-services and serve on committees when requested.

  • Responsible for obtaining in-service/knowledge of new equipment/procedures prior to operating new equipment/performing procedures.

    Other Responsibilities:

  • Keep unit nursing stations neat and orderly, orders supplies as needed.

  • Cover units other than scheduled assignment when necessary for campus wide coverage. Rotate coverage in school programs.

  • Assure that an adequate supply of medications is available at all times, procure supplies as needed through appropriate channels.

  • Assist with emergencies/fire drills in units and evacuating clients as necessary.

  • Maintain medical equipment in units, assess functioning of emergency equipment monthly and after use, and report any malfunctioning equipment immediately to nursing administration.

  • Assist in orientation of new nursing employees.

  • Maintain HR requirements for personal physical and mantoux testing.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements:

  • 36-40 hour minimum commitment per month to remain in the pool ( five 8-hour shifts or three 12- hour shifts(or some combination of both)

  • 24 hour per month commitment on weekends (three 8-hour weekend shifts or two 12 hour shifts)

  • Pool Nurses can work a maximum of 3 shifts per week unless approved by Nurse Manager.

  • License to work in PA required (or required temporary state permit to practice in PA with approval from HR)

  • Two years of nursing experience preferred

  • Current valid driver’s license

  • Current Professional CPR certification

  • Training will be required, but courses from outside Woods will count toward required 24-40 hour requirement.

  • No more than 5 callouts a year. 6th callout will result in termination. Or, 3rd weekend callout will result in termination of employment.

*Note: This position does not offer health insurance benefits

Job ID: 2019-2868