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Woods Services Direct Support Professional in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Responsible for the day to day direct-line care and supervision of a group of clients. Responsible for establishing a positive, supportive relationship with clients. With appropriate supervision and guidance, uses and documents on strategies designed to support clients toward the achievement of desired goals. Provides a safe, warm, homelike atmosphere throughout the residences and assists clients in maintaining their personal space/possessions and achieve their goals.

  • Actively participates in and contributes to the care of clients through the execution,

coordination, and support of programmatic components.

  • Responsible for the supervision, safety, welfare and whereabouts of assigned clients by

actively supervising in accordance with each client’s needs, communicated treatment

goals, and Woods’ Level of Supervision policy.

  • Be a client advocate by ensuring Woods’ clients are free from abuse and mistreatment.

Immediately report any incident of suspected abuse or mistreatment and cooperate fully

with all necessary investigations.

  • Provides assistance, instruction and guidance toward client independence in such areas

as dressing, washing, feeding, personal hygiene, tooth brushing, toileting, social

interactions, effective/appropriate communications techniques, etc.

  • Relates to clients and family members in a manner that reflects an awareness of, and

respect for individual variances including cognitive and developmental functioning, as well

as social behavior, familial, religious, cultural, and ethnic differences.

  • Serves as a role model to clients with respect to mature appropriate behavior: problem

solving and coping responses, initiative, active listening and other social skills, punctuality,

grooming and dress, and accepting direction from supervisory staff.

  • Serves as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team, providing feedback relating to the

development and/or implementation of ISPs /IHPs and IEPs designed to meet the

individual goals set for assigned clients.

  • Uses crisis stabilization procedures as directed by the Residential Director or designee

and in accordance with established policies and procedures. In the event of any

emergency, responds in accordance to established emergency response procedures.

  • Uses SMART principles and other principles/skills including de-escalation, conflict

resolution, and debriefing. Uses safety techniques and restraint procedures in

accordance with Woods’ policy and training curriculum.

  • Uses behavior management and other strategies as directed by the program

psychologist/clinician or their designee.

  • Responsible for serving and assisting clients at meals, utilizing adaptive equipment (as

prescribed) and for providing close supervision and quality interactions at mealtime when

such intervention is required.

  • Ensure a safe living environment for clients by identifying and immediately reporting any

safety concerns observed. Teach and practice safety protocols with clients to prepare

them for the highest level of independence possible.

  • Responsible for helping clients develop skills related to daily living including (when

applicable) making beds, sorting laundry, and maintaining neat and orderly arrangement

of personal belongings and physical environments, money management, use of

community resources, and others for assigned clients.

  • Responsible for notifying immediate supervisor of any deficiencies in his/her assigned

area and/or residence which may be in violation of regulation/standards which govern the


  • Responsible to attend in-service training annually in accordance with Woods’ policy and

licensing/placing agency requirements.

  • Responsible to collect data on program goals, complete required documentation related to

recordable and reportable incidents and other documentation in accordance with program


  • Maintains the confidentiality of clients and their families/guardians.

  • May be requested to drive the program’s van/car. If driving, must show proof of valid

driver’s license and successfully complete Woods Services driver training program.

  • Actively engages with assigned clients during leisure and off campus activities.

  • Supports clients’ academic and vocational endeavors in a manner that emphasizes client

strengths and accomplishments and in a manner which is in compliance with the clients

individualized educational plan (IEP). (I.e. Assists with homework when needed)

  • Participates in relaying daily written and verbal instructions to personnel on succeeding


  • Responsible to obtain required health screenings as required by regulatory agencies.

  • Responsible to maintain satisfactory attendance and punctuality on the assigned shift.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Direct Support Professional 1

Proof of a High School Diploma, GED

Direct Support Professional 2

Proof of an Associate’s Degree is required;

Direct Support Professional 3

Proof of a college degree in any field required

Direct Support Professional 4

Must posses a bachelor’s degree (issued in the US, or verified by an authorized accreditation

agency) in a human services field;

  • One year experience in a residential care facility or equivalent is preferred; One year

experience working with children/adolescents is required for 3800 homes. Must be able to lift

a minimum of 50 pounds, be agile, physically pursue clients on foot, physically restrain, bend,

squat, stretch, reach, push up and stand for several hours at a time. To be a driver, must be

21 years of age and provide proof of a valid driver’s license, and complete a Woods Services

drivers training program.

  • Must be able to read, write, enter dates and follow verbal/written directions, prepare written

reports, and complete forms in English. Must be able to verbally communicate in English and

direct/respond to client’s needs.

  • Must be 21 years of age to work in a 3800 licensed building, (or in MW, 18 to work in a 6400

licensed building). Must be 21 to work on the 3rd shift. Must be able to verbally communicate

emergency information over the telephone.

  • Must complete all required training: 40 hours annually for the 3800 licensed homes and 24

hours annually for the 6400 licensed homes.

Job ID: 2022-3549

of Openings: 999