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Bob's Turkey Farm Farm Workers Laborers in Lancaster, Massachusetts

Date of Need:: 4/4/2023 to 12/1/2023 All jobs related to growing and caring for Fall and Winter peak season turkeys, per employer instructions on the farm as well as slaughtering turkeys. This includes: feeding and watering turkeys, cleaning pens, spreading bedding (this includes shoveling and using a pitchfork). Also duties include handling of turkeys for various reasons, picking them up dead or alive, moving them from pen to pen etc. Also participate in the slaughtering process (includes lifting, picking, eviscerating, cleaning up, operating machinery, icing, weighing and packing). Worker is responsible for bringing suitable clothing and shoes for work. Temperatures range from 10- 65 degrees for working in turkey pens and facility. Employer will provide waterproof clothing and boots. Drivers license is recommended. One months experience in duties listed required.