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Getir Product Manager, GetirYemek in Istanbul, Turkey

We're a technology company. Technology enables us to do a business no one else in the world is doing. It is our biggest advantage.

Getir is growing incredibly fast in Turkey, but we want to grow globally. London to Tokyo. Sao Paulo to New York. Our global ambitions can only be accomplished with exceptional technology.

Great technology is developed by great humans and we are always hiring great developers so that we can continue developing new technologies.

Here's what you fundamentally need to be a Product Manager at GetirYemek:


The Product Manager will be the person responsible for managing the Product Backlog and will be working closely with head of product and related project manager.

  • Benchmark direct and indirect competitor activities.

  • Transform business requirements to product backlog items.

  • Prioritize the items in the Product Backlog to best achieve goals and missions set by the Head of Product.

  • Monitor the progress of product development and product release plans (Knows when and why a product backlog item is included in a sprint).

  • Main point of contact for product backlog items during product development lifecycle.

  • Attend groomings with development team to clear out any question raised during the groomings, ensures the Development Team understands requirements and objectives of the items in the Product Backlog to the level needed.

  • Articulate the expected benefit of each product backlog item to the team to foster developers creativity.

  • Consultant for change management during agile development process when an alternative development path is recommended.

  • Responsible for product performance monitoring and assigning metrics (Embodies expected benefit of each product backlog items with metrics).

  • Evaluates the available data for product performance monitoring and requests new data or creates new source of channels to acquire data when there is no data available.

  • Monitors and periodically reports application's pain points and makes suggestions about points of improvement

  • Runs qualitative or quantitative research and analyse relevant data to define a problem when the problem is not clear.

  • Initiates and manages UX research to gather inside about user behaviour.

  • Creates mock-ups, communicates user journeys and gives strategic briefs to UI / UX upon the pain points or expected benefit we are seeking before design process starts.

Knowledge & Experience:

  • Ideally, at least two years of previous working experience as a Product Owner, Product Manager, Business Analyst or Project Manager.

  • Bachelor's degree in Industrial / Software Engineering, MIS, Mathematics or related disciplines is preferred.

  • Proactive, creative and troubleshooting character with strong analytical, verbal, communication and presentation skills is preferred.

  • Fluency in English is preferred.

  • Time management skills is important while attention to details is a must for product quality.

  • Multitask management and coordination ability is a must.

  • Knowledge about development lifecycle is a must.

  • Multidisciplinary educational background is a plus.

  • Knowledge of Agile process and principles is a plus.

  • Knowledge of UX principles is a plus.

  • Experience in retail solutions or related field is a plus.

Desired Characteristics:

  • Passionate about technology

  • Eager to learn and stretch your boundaries

  • Works well in a team and takes initiative

  • Open to new approaches and new ideas

  • Must be a DOer, a curious learner