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HydroGeoLogic, Inc UXO Technician 2 in Huntsville, Alabama

Responsibilities/Duties UXO Technician level 2 position with the potential for extensive travel and long-term on-site work as required. UXO Technician Level II personnel will be responsible for performing the following general types of duties: * Properly store explosive materials; * Determine precise location in field environments using global positioning equipment, or basic land navigation; * Perform field collection procedures to identify contaminated soils; * Prepare on-site holding area to temporarily stow MEC determined to be acceptable to move; * Perform limited technical supervision of UXOSP; * Conduct UXO surface/subsurface clearances and provide UXO avoidance/escort as required. To perform the duties of this position a person will need to be in good physical health and be able to lift 50 pounds in order to perform field tasks. Personnel in this position must be able to walk safely over rugged terrain and tolerate weather extremes. Preferred Experience Computer knowledge with MS Windows, Word Perfect, MS Excel, MS Project and PowerPoint a plus. Required Education Generally this position requires a minimum of a High School Diploma or equivalent. A BA or BS degree is considered a plus. Required Qualifications Candidates must meet the minimum qualifications for UXO Technician Level 2 as outlined in Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board (DDESB) Technical Paper 18 (TP 18)./ Minimum Qualifications for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) //Technicians and Personnel/ , which includes the following: 1. Graduate of a military Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) school of the United States (U.S.), Canada, Great Britain, Germany or Australia OR Graduate of a formal training course of instruction or EOD Assistant Course. 2. Prior military EOD experience or three (3) years of experience in munitions response actions or range clearance activities, as appropriate for the contracted operation, plus specific project/explosives safety training. Must be able to perform all functions enumerated for UXO Sweep Personnel and UXO Technician I. Must be able to communicate effectively with clients, regulators, project team members, and company management. Details Positions may be tied to specific contracts or work locations. Successful completion of a pre-hire drug test and fit for duty baseline physical is a condition of employment. Some positions require the ability to pass an installation background check.