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EMCOR Group Rigger (NCCER) in Houston, Texas


AltairStrickland, LLC is actively seeking NCCER Certified Riggers for current projects in Sweeny, TX and TX City, TX.


An employee that has thorough work experience and craft assessment testing has shown to be competent to perform the duties of rigging to move, lift, jack, block and place equipment or materials according to blueprint, design or client specifications and safety requirements using both hand and power tools.

Work involves use of hand and power tools, rigging components, welding apparatuses, levels, wedges, safety valves, regulators, automatic-control mechanisms in conjunction with proprietary technology and equipment to safely complete all tasks.


  • Analyzes and understands the specifications, schematics, or blueprints for the work to be done and plans the steps to be taken to complete the task work.

  • Uses extensive knowledge of available materials, tools, technologies, and operating parameters to efficiently execute task assignments/requirements in a timely manner.

  • Utilizes AltairStrickland Safety Analysis Program (ASAP) and or a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) that encompasses all aspects of safety considerations including: federal, state, local, client and or company regulations in completing all tasks.

  • Troubleshoots and tests any production or installation applications per code regulation; assures that machinery, equipment and components are properly installed/modified for efficient production; reports any process or equipment problems to Supervisors, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, and or the Safety Department.

  • Plan the work, read and understand lift plans.

  • Calculate estimated load weighs to be moved or lifted.

  • Checks load charts to make sure overloading of lifting equipment does not occur.

  • Read drawings, sketches etc. to assure correct placement of materials and equipment.

  • Inspects rigging and tools daily.

  • Communicates with others and places barricades in areas where loads are moved or lifted.

  • Locate lift (center of gravity) and jack points for loads to be moved or lifted.

  • Selects type, size of slings, clamps, clevises, wires, ropes, cables, pulleys, sheaves, blocks, jacks, chains etc., according the load to be moved, lifted or placed.

  • Attaches slings, hooks, wires, cables, ropes, blocks etc. to cranes or lifting devices.

  • Places jacks, rollers, blocks as needed when moving, lifting or placing a load.

  • Installs in place with bolts, clamps etc., materials and equipment

  • Knowledgeable and able to perform hand and verbal crane signals to a crane operator (must have appropriate signal person certification/training).

As directed, may perform other tasks, functions, or project duties not associated with the primary assigned craft to best facilitate operational schedule in correlation with the individual’s ability, qualifications, and skill-set to safely and efficiently complete.


AltairStrickland expects all of its employees to adhere to high standards of conduct that reflect its core values of Integrity , Discipline and Transparency . AltairStrickland is committed to achieving Zero Injuries. As a team member of the Company, all members must be personally committed to supporting AltairStrickland as an organization that embodies safety as a core value in all that we do. This requires promoting proactive safety leadership, demonstrating commitment to a positive team culture and reflecting safety as our highest value. The Company’s Code of Conduct (separate document) must be adhered to at all times as well as each employee has a responsibility to report infractions that they may observe or are aware of. The Company maintains Equal Employment Opportunity standards for all potential new-hires to the organization as well as provides advancement opportunities for all qualified individuals employed with the Company. At no time will Workplace Harassment or Discrimination be tolerated by any employee of the Company, rather from a manager or supervisor to respective subordinate(s), amongst co-workers, or involving harassment of others outside the organization.

Because these core values are not negotiable, violators may be subject to discipline up to and including discharge regarding any infractions that may affect AltairStrickland or its respective Companies adversely.

Notice to prospective employees: There have been fraudulent postings and emails regarding job openings. EMCOR Group and its companies list open positions here (https://recruiting.ultipro.com/EMC1002EMCGI/JobBoard/cc563430-39f7-4c82-bdfe-62f295bd857a/?q=&o=postedDateDesc&w=&wc=&we=&wpst=) . Please check our available positions to confirm that a post or email is genuine.

EMCOR Group and its companies do not reach out to individuals to help with marketing or other similar services. If an individual is contacted for services outside of EMCOR’s normal application process – it is probably fraudulent.

We offer our employees a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package and are always looking for individuals with the talent and skills required to contribute to our continued growth and success. Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled