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McDonough Bolyard Peck, Inc. (MBP) Safety Manager in Honolulu, Hawaii

This is an opportunity to support Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) Pacific located in scenic Honolulu, HI. If you want to mix a tropical paradise with a modern, active lifestyle, this could be the opportunity for you. Our team will support a multibillion-dollar construction program that will help sharpen the U.S. Navy’s technical edge by recapitalizing historic infrastructure at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. This once-in-a-century investment will build a new drydock and build other supporting facilities.

The Construction Safety Manager will be assigned to support the construction contract management team duties for individual construction projects that could include the construction of a new Navy drydock and supporting facilities involved in depot-level ship maintenance and repair. Projects may be in the $5M to $400M range. The Contracting Officer Representative (COR) will typically be the lead of an assigned team generally consisting of a Government Contract Specialist, a Government Engineering Technician (ET) or Quality Assurance Engineering Technician (QAET) and either a COE or a Government Construction Manager. If the team has a Government Construction Manager, that person will typically be assigned as the COR. If the team has a COE, the COR duties will be assigned to either the Government ET or another Government CM/AROICC or be retained by the Contract Specialist.

Under the task order, the contractor will perform support services independent of direct Government supervision to satisfy the overall operational objectives of the Facilities Engineering and Acquisition Division (FEAD) Director / Officer in Charge of Construction (OICC) and the subordinate Resident Officers in Charge of Construction (ROICC). The primary objective is to provide contractor services and deliverables through the performance of construction safety oversight support. The contractor shall provide all labor, material, and equipment necessary to complete the work described in the paragraphs below. Specifically, the Construction Safety Oversight individual shall be available full time and shall perform tasks as defined below and as particularly set out in a Task Order Statement of Work.

  • Furnish the FEAD/OICC/ROICC or their designated Government representatives with documentation indicating whether the construction conforms to the contract requirements.

  • Coordinate requests from Construction Contractor and Client.

  • Review Request for Information (RFIs) and provide submittal review/analysis and provides comments and recommendations for their government contact to finalize with the contractor.

  • Provide Quality Assurance (QA) of the adequacy of the construction contractor’s quality control program and tasks.

  • Provide construction schedule review/analysis and notes/comments/recommendations.

  • Provide safety plan and activity hazard analysis review and notes/ recommendations.

  • Update and present construction project status reports and Construction Representative Reports (CRRs), including any necessary photographs.

  • Maintain working files by construction contract of all reports, correspondence, etc. in accordance with FEAD/ROICC/OICC office policies until the electronic Construction Management System (eCMS) is established. If there is other project Construction Management Software required of the construction contractor, the incumbent is to utilize/incorporate this in their management of the project.

  • Report and document instances of non-compliance with quality control and safety requirements.

  • Monitor compliance with environmental protection requirements and document all findings. Review contractor submitted Environmental Protection Plan submittals. Verify approved plan provisions are incorporated and maintained by the contractor. Incidents of potential threats to the environment (i.e. air quality, water quality, contamination/ pollutants/ solid/ hazardous waste), cultural resources, or natural resources/ endangered species/ biosecurity issues shall be brought to the immediate attention of the appropriate Government representative by telephone, followed by a written notification within 3 business days.

  • Act in direct support of the engineering technician/quality assurance engineering technician and assist that position in performance of various duties not specifically outlined herein.

  • Provide review/analysis and notes/comments/recommendations about the (daily/weekly) construction quality control, safety, and production reports.

  • Provide review/analysis and notes/comments/recommendations on Contractor’s Requests for Payment, including:

  • Complete, with the construction contractor’s representative, the field’s monthly pay estimate worksheet for each construction contract.

  • Inspect material stored off-site, where applicable.

  • Review and ensure as-builts/schedules are updated.

  • Coordinate with Government representatives and key players on required inspections and the coordination meetings such as the NAVFAC Red Zone meeting (coordination meeting typically held at 75% project completion, earlier if SPAWAR, computer network or telecommunications coordination is needed).

  • May assist in the preparation of contract modifications, including the preparation of independent estimates and reviewing contractor’s cost proposal, with the consent of the contractor submitting the proprietary data.

  • Provide review/analysis and notes/comments/recommendations of the construction plans and specifications to determine the constructability of the facility.

  • Collect all required data to support recommendations, prepare documents, and/or review deliverables. Perform data collection/management to assist with the preparation of Cost Estimates, Schedule’s, Reports, RFPs, SOWs, and other Project Documentation.

  • Review Request for Information (RFIs) and provide submittal review/analysis, comments, and recommendations to the government contact to finalize with the construction contractor.

Additional duties shall include but not be limited to:

  • Using initiative, resourcefulness, and sound judgment when providing advice to the Government on quality assurance matters requiring knowledge of construction methods.

  • Providing daily reports of work done each day on each project assigned to the assigned project COR.

  • Attending and documenting all required Construction Management, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, Safety, Environmental, Cultural Resources, Stormwater Management, and other meetings.

  • Providing a report that includes a written summary of any observations during field investigations, data collected and photographs. Providing one such report per project, so that they may be filed with the respective project files.

  • Preparing complete reports, RFPs and/or SOW documents in the required format, including all applicable attachments. Preparing a written summary of findings and make recommendations for follow-up actions using the data collected. Preparing all submittals/deliverables using a PC computer using software compatible with existing NAVFAC software (i.e. MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.), Primavera, CostWorks, and Success Estimator Submittals/deliverables include but are not limited to project reviews and recommendations, PowerPoint briefings, and presentations.

  • Providing written recommendations and comments.

  • Preparing agendas and meeting notes.

  • Preparing and deliver briefs and necessary documentation to project team members, base personnel and senior management.

  • Providing updates on project status, including project issues, costs, and schedule information to team members, senior management and other Federal or State jurisdictions, as required. Input status update notes into applicable eApps, including NAVFAC’s eCMS and any construction contractor provided CMS.

  • Reviewing and provide written recommendations on safety plans and activity hazard analyses submitted by construction contractors.

  • Providing monthly an updated photo log of construction Coordinate with the ET or QAET when sharing the photo documentation duties to ensure ONE set of photos is maintained per project. Label photos with the project name, date and location when taken and any notes/description needed to further identify the item being photographed.

  • Preparing for Government signature; draft Construction Contract Non-Compliance Notices for any items of non-compliance.

  • Preparing EPA forms, Notice of Intent and Notice of Termination, for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Construction Permit and Site-Specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and all updates to these documents and any Best Management Practices for Government submission/review/signature.

  • Ensuring that the contractor is in compliance with contract scheduling requirements and accepted scheduling

  • Verifying that the construction schedule accurately documents activity progress.

  • Verifying that the construction schedule accurately shows the current plan to complete the remaining work.

  • Providing warning when projects begin to slide off schedule. Work with COE to identify schedule delay factors.

  • Monitoring resolution of scheduling issues by the construction contractor.

  • Attending project scheduling meetings with the FEAD /ROICC/OICC staff and/or contractor.

  • Completing the checklist for closeout in accordance with the NAVFAC BMS.

  • Drafting, for Government signature, the Warranty and Acceptance Letter at the completion of the project.

  • Reviewing the contractor’s GIS database for As-builts to ensure contract compliance with GIS requirements for underground utilities.

  • Submitting all required reports within the time established for such submissions by the CO, COR, the Contractor or specific provisions in each Task Order and its Statement of Work, whichever is applicable.


The Safety Manager shall:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as the SSHO (Site Safety and Health Officer) on large (over $5M) projects.

  • Have at least one (1) year of specialized experience in performing the tasks identified within the “Tasks/Services” section above for Capital Improvements related projects for NAVFAC or Corps of Engineers. Requirement may be waived for Australian projects where local experience may be more beneficial to the team.

  • Have the ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing.

  • Have demonstrated experience in preparing correspondence and written reports and in briefing management personnel.

  • Have taken (and passed) the Construction Quality Management (CQM) course. If the individual does not have a current certification, obtain the CQM for Contractors course certification within 90 days after individual is assigned to the contract. The CQM Training Certificate expires after 5 years. If the individual’s certificate expires during the period of performance of a Task Order, the individual must retake course to remain current.

  • Complete the 40-hour Construction Safety Hazard Awareness Training for Contractors Course.

  • Have demonstrated ability to develop and maintain complex, long-term, multi-year program construction management activities including submittal and RFI processing.

  • Have demonstrated experience with Federal building projects design codes (UFGS) and construction techniques.

  • Have demonstrated experience in analyzing construction schedules. Be able to input and manage data in the Construction Management System (after it is established).

  • Have demonstrated knowledge of construction practices and techniques, e.g., proper applications of construction materials and methods of installation.

  • Have demonstrated ability to accurately calculate construction costs adjusted to reflect costs in the locality where the construction is performed and to apply such knowledge to price the value of needed work and negotiate equitable adjustments.

  • Have demonstrated experience in the use and application of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.), Primavera, CostWorks, and Success Estimator, etc. Have the ability to adapt to new software such as eCMS may also be necessary.

  • Be capable of the physical exertion required to perform the necessary services such as long periods of standing; walking over rough, uneven or rocky surfaces; recurring bending, crouching, stooping and reaching; climbing upon ladders and other physical activity common to the performance of such duties.

  • Be able to obtain security clearance as required by the task

  • Complete the SF-85-P, Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions. Each task order shall establish necessary base/building access requirements.

  • Be able to travel and possess a passport.

  • Be a United States citizen. The Government may approve the assignment of foreign nationals to select positions on a particular task order.

MBP is an EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability Employer.

ID: 2023-1762

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