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Internal Revenue Service Tax Examining Clerk in Holtsville, New York

Duties WHAT IS THE SBSE - SMALL BUSINESS SELF EMPLOYED DIVISION? A description of the business units can be found at: https://www.jobs.irs.gov/about/who/business-divisions Vacancies will be filled in the following specialty areas: Small Business Self Employed Campus Collection Operations Small Business Self Employed Campus Exam/AUR Ops The following are the duties of this position at the full working level. If this vacancy includes more than one grade and you are selected at a lower grade level, you will have the opportunity to learn to perform these duties and receive training to help you grow in this position. • Reviews and analyzes internal documents and/or taxpayer returns, prepares coded entries to amend and complete records, refers questionable returns and documents to appropriate areas to determine corrective action. • Processes individual or small business returns and cases that involve relationships among different accounts that span more than a single tax period. Assign Employee Identification Numbers (EIN) and temporary Social Security Numbers (SSN). Requests and interprets taxpayer information. Perfects documents and initiates research to correct missing or inaccurate account information, inquiries to third parties, and changes to taxpayer accounts to correct errors. • Compiles and maintains functional and/or assigned area records or reports to provide status of work. • May serve as a technical advisor, on-the-job (OJT) coach, classroom instructor, or reviewer to provide technical assistance on systemic problems and inconsistencies in the Internal Revenue Manuals (IRM). • Performs other duties as assigned. Qualifications Federal experience is not required. The experience may have been gained in the public sector, private sector or Volunteer Service. One year of experience refers to full-time work; part-time work is considered on a prorated basis. To ensure full credit for your work experience, please indicate dates of employment by month/year, and indicate number of hours worked per week, on your resume. You must meet the following requirements by the closing date of this announcement: BASIC REQUIREMENT : GENERAL EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION FOR GS-04: You must have 1 year of general experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-03 grade level in the Federal service. General experience for this position includes progressively responsible clerical, office, or other work that indicates ability to acquire the particular competencies needed to perform the duties of the position to be filled. This may be paid or non-paid experience. OR You may substitute education for specialized experience as follows: Two (2) years of education above the high school level in an accredited junior college, college, university, business, secretarial or technical school. OR You may qualify by a combination of experience and education. Options for qualifying based on a combination will be identified in the online questions. SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: GS- 5 LEVEL: You must have 1 year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-04 grade level in the Federal service. Specialized experience for this position includes experience that is in or related to this position and provided you with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of this position. Examples of qualifying experience include experience performing a variety of miscellaneous tasks involving researching and processing financial documents, reviewing information, and determining corrective action on accounts, researching for missing/unclear accounting information, and reviewing financial documents submitted for completeness.