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Job Information

General Electric Academic Region Research Specialist in Hino, Japan

Job Description Summary

Activities aimed at proving a concept to be valid or technically feasible by the application of scientific and engineering methodologies. Work in this family typically has the objective of demonstrating through test or analyses the performance and implementation potential of a concept

Impacts departmental operations and responsible for planning/execution. The role has some autonomy but is focused on execution of activities within an operating discipline covered by standard functional practices and procedures. Some judgment may be required but this is typically with guidance.

Job Description

Role Summary/Purpose:

This role focuses on conducting and coordinating meaningful research-related initiatives with GE scientists and Japanese academic institutions, with purpose to develop academic partnership and increase loyalty from current and next-generation KOL (key opinion leaders) toward GE, leading to increased GE presence and preferability, and overall share gain. The main modality of the activities is MRI, while it is expected that s/he always keeps awareness and willingness to work with all GEHC product and service lines.

Essential Responsibilities:

Scope of this position spans wide range of academic and research-related activities in MR, including 1) technical and scientific support in customer-initiated investigations or collaborative research, 2) education to academic partners to promote novel imaging solutions, and 3) continuous discussions with KOL’s to learn latest trends in MR specialty and share with appropriate modality colleagues.

  • Closely collaborates with GRO (Global Research Organization), MR R&D team and modality managers to identify and execute key academic/research initiatives, including collaborative research and customer-initiated investigations.

  • Educates academic partners with his/her expertise in MR, such that those customers can leverage useful protocols to establish meaningful research and findings with GE solutions.

  • Collaborates with other GEHC team members to improve customer satisfaction and GE loyalty through various activities such as post-installation product evaluation, user meetings, advisory board meetings.

  • Leads collaborative relationship building across clinical departments, multiple institutions and external partners in a way their utilization and appreciation of GE MR solution is enhanced.

  • Continuously explores clinical, research and academic topics and their leaders that compliment and resonate with GEHC business strategy.

  • Collects intelligence in MR-related paper trends, technological advancement and market competitiveness from various forums and disseminates them effectively across GEHC members, with clarifying how these elements are associated with GEHC R&D strategy.

  • Explores new frontier in scientific application and/or types of collaborations for longer-term advantages, regardless of current competitiveness of GE solutions

  • Shares customer feedback and their interests with relevant business leadership and R&D teams.

  • Contributes to learning and growth of other GEHC members by effectively communicating domain insights.


  • Minimum 5 years of successful experience in MR modality as radiological technologist, applications specialist, research scientist or equivalent.

  • Clinical and operational knowledge of MR, and capability to interpret various research papers in Radiology.

  • Basic knowledge in MR theory and physics.

  • Ability to continually brush up domain expertise, including new technologies and applications.

  • Proven communication skills to conduct productive dialogues with different levels of customers under various circumstances such as exploratory research discussion or quality-related issues.

  • Capability to read through research papers, clearly present relevant information, and facilitate discussion in both Japanese and English, written or verbal.

  • Open-mind and humbleness to take in new and diverse perspectives as well as pursuing effective ways to work with multiple stakeholders.

  • Strongly compliance driven

  • Willingness and ability to travel (domestic and international).

Desired Characteristics:

  • More than 7 years of experience in MR research or closely related fields.

  • Experience in peer-reviewed scientific paper publication or equivalent

  • Experience in MR pulse sequence or reconstruction development

  • Programming experience in C/C++ or Python and basic knowledge in command operation on Linux OS

  • Interpersonal skills to nurture common goals and establish trusted relationship with customers, external partners and internal cross-functional team members. Inclusiveness and influence a key.

  • Proficient in new technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence) and ICT (information and communication technology – including programming or data science).