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Vance County EMT - Paramedic in Henderson, North Carolina

Our Department is transitioning to a new 24/72 schedule.iiiHowever; this position currently works a 24 hour shift rotating 24 on 24 off for three cycles before going on ai 4-day off cycle.i i iThe Annual Salary Range is:0-2 years of experience:i $39,1082-5 years of experience:i $39,612 - negotiable5+ years of experience:i i$45,012 -i negotiableThis salary range does not include mandatory overtime that comes with this position.Performs basic and advanced life support, stabilization procedures, and emergency medical care at the paramedic level of training and certification and performs equipment operation duties on a twenty-four hour shift providing EMS services for the County.iKey Responsibilities and Related Competencies:Performs patient assessment, basic and advanced life support treatment in accordance with protocols established by the department and the Countyis Medical Director;ias certified,idraws blood, administers approved medications; initiates intravenous fluids; performs pulmonary ventilations; administers CPR;iprovides airway management and cardiopulmonary resuscitation;i oxygen administration; hemorrhage control; treatment for shock; bandaging and dressing injuries and splinting of fractures and dislocations; treatment of injuries to various parts of the body; provision of basic/advanced life support for medical injuries, assisting in normal and abnormal childbirth, treatment of injuries and burns; lifting and moving patients for transfer to a medical facility.Transports patients to local and regional medical facilities, maintaining contact with medical staff while in transport and assuring care of patient.iAdditional Job DutiesAttends in-service classes to maintain current knowledge of emergency medical technology and procedures.Attends staff meeting and committee meetings as required.Performs related duties as required.iKnowledge, Skills and AbilitiesKSA Detail:i-Considerable knowledge of and skill in administering emergency medical procedures and techniques.Considerable knowledge of anatomy and physiology.Considerable knowledge of intravenous therapy and skill in recognizing adverse conditions.Considerable knowledge of equipment and supplies employed in emergency care of patients and accident victims.Considerable knowledge of County and City geography and locations of roads and streets.Knowledge of the application of information technology to the work.Skill in recognizing patient traumas and signs and symptoms of medical emergencies to determine appropriate treatment.Skill in teamwork and collaborative conflict resolution.Skill in customer service excellence.Ability to serve as a team leader and train and mentor team members.Ability to perform duties in accordance with established emergency medical procedures and techniques, medical protocols and standing orders.Ability to work with a diverse socio-economic population, based on the unique situations encountered.Ability to respond quickly and calmly in emergencies and stressful situations.Ability to drive safely an ambulance in adverse conditions and according to motor vehicles laws.Ability to communicate effectively in a tactful and firm manner with the public.Ability to deal with stress and death and dying patients.Ability to accurately record services provided on required forms.Ability to work with co-workers, law enforcement personnel, fire and rescue squads, medical personnel, patients and the general public.Ability to maintain vehicles, equipment, and facilities.Ability to maintain confidentiality of patient contact.Application Special InstructionsMust upload certifications.