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Keurig Dr Pepper Regional Quality Manager- External Manufacturing in Hartford, Connecticut

The Manager, Regional Technical Services, will use field-based skills to support our non-KDP owned production partners, helping them effectively manufacture and deliver the highest quality KDP product to our customers. This position, through customer-focused activities related to quality and manufacturing, is an integral player in the protection of our brands. They will have a thorough understanding of formulation, specifications, manufacturing processes and quality assurance and will partner with key internal teams in the areas of Customer Service, R&D, Licensing, Consumer Affairs, and Field Sales. This person will cover approximately 40-50 franchised producers making 145 million cases of KDP product annually in 12-14 states, as well as co-manufacturers with special processing to meet the needs of KDP.


  1. Enforcing and maintaining standards and guidelines with KDP manufacturing partners.

  2. Working side by side with KDP manufacturers, training them on proper quality expectations, production guidelines and standard operating procedures.

  3. Maintaining complete manufacturer profiles critical to KDP.

  4. Analyzing available data on quality, consumer complaints, and product trade age to identify potential issues.

  5. Investigate all out-of-standard issues. Work with manufacturers to validate results, determine the scope of the issue, identify the cause of the problem, and propose and implement corrective actions.

  6. Working with other KDP functions (Marketing, Graphics, Packaging and Product Development) to facilitate and support new product/package launches and marketing initiatives.

  7. Responsible at the Regional level for all new product and package starts to ensure that they are brought to the market in a timely manner and within quality guidelines.

  8. Establish Relationships and Cultivate a Partnership with bottlers in region as the primary KDP Technical Contact.

  9. Providing value-added services to bottlers. Examples: in-plant laboratory training, sanitation/microbiological training, manufacturing support, trade age management training, continuous improvement programs.

  10. Leading and/or assisting the onboarding and commissioning of co-manufacturers with thermal processing needs.

  11. Taking responsibility for special projects as assigned.

  12. Delivering needed information and subject matter expertise when called upon to enhance quality product delivered to customer.

Major Expectations of Role

Quality Improvement Implement for each bottler within region an action strategy for achieving continuous improvement of KDP product quality as delivered to the consumer.

Bottler Data Information Systems Responsible for the shared maintenance of all bottler information management systems for region. Complete on a timely basis all requested written and verbal communication.

Trade Management Practice a trade age management philosophy and implement monitoring within region of the performance of our products in the marketplace. Utilize actionable strategies to facilitate better distribution practices and product selection to accomplish better product quality in the marketplace.

Budget Manage the region within the financial constraints established by the company. Constantly probe technical activities for potential cost savings to the department and/or to the company. Utilize good time management practices to maximize effectiveness at minimum cost.

Activities Manage all technical activities within region. These activities are determined in cooperation with the Division Director, Senior Manager, and QEHS-FS LT and are to be based on a sound business and customer-focused strategy and risk. Always strive for simplification and improvement of all activities.

Issues Focus on resolving issues promptly, diplomatically and effectively by utilizing all internal and external company resources. Those issues and solutions are to be well documented and communicated to the entire group.

Competitive Activities Monitor region for competitive activities, i.e., new products, reformulations of old products, technical activities, marketing strategies, etc. that will help KDP become more effective in the marketplace.

Ensure high performance results of your team by:

  1. Fostering a culture of trust and wellbeing that prioritizes the team and values employee contributions

  2. Driving a shared vision with clear goals and accountability, supported by regular conversations to maximize talent

  3. Embracing diverse perspectives to foster innovation, learning from both successes and failures

  4. Establishing a safe environment where team members are motivated, heard, and aligned with clear expectations


Keurig Dr Pepper is an equal opportunity employer and affirmatively seeks diversity in its workforce. Keurig Dr Pepper recruits qualified applicants and advances in employment its employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability or association with a person with a disability, medical condition, genetic information, ethnic or national origin, marital status, veteran status, or any other status protected by law.