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Syntegon Technology Services Inc. 机械工程师/Mechanical Engineer_PA in Hangzhou, China

Do you want beneficial technologies being shaped your ideas? Whether in the areas of mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology or energy and building technology - with us, you will have the chance to improve quality of life all across the globe. Welcome to Bosch.

  • 液体制药设备从海外工厂转移以及本土化工作,并为本地制造和降低成本提供技术支持; Pharma liquid machine transfer from COC and localization. And Technical support for local manufacturing and cost reduction;

  • 根据客户需求提供相应的技术解决方案并执行,包括零部件选型、零件清单、制图以及支持安装、调试等相关工作;Provide technical solution acc. to the requirements from customer and project fulfillment, including components type selection, BOM, drawing and technical support to assembly and installation;

  • 负责产品专利的申请,了解竞争对手对我们产品的侵权行为;Be responsible for patent application, get to know the patent infringement fromthe competitors;

  • 支持分析市场和竞争对手,了解市场和客户需求;Make supports for market and competitor analysis, and get to know the requirements from the market and customers;

  • 产品新功能的开发、测试、更新以及版本管理;New product function development, testing, updating and version control;

  • 监控产品制造成本。优化产品设计工作方法和流程,提高设计效率,优化机加工零件的设计和制造工艺,降低物料成本;Product manufacturing cost monitoring, optimize product design method and process to improve design efficiency, and optimize machining components design and manufacturing process to reduce material cost;

  • 产品知识体系的维护,包括建立和更新产品技术文档体系,经验总结等;Product know-how system maintenance, including product technical documentation system stablishment and updating, and organize experience summary;

  • 2年以上相关行业工作经验,设备工作经历优先;

2+ years related industry working experience,work experience of machine designing is preferred.

  • 本科以上学历,制药工程和机械等相关专业优先;Bachelor or above degree is required, pharmaceutical engineering, mechanical or other related background are preferred;

  • 英语口语流利,可以作为日常工作沟通语言;Fluent English speaking, and be used as daily work language;

  • 熟悉Solidworks, Auto CAD, MS office, SAP等相关工作软件;Good skill of Solidworks, Auto CAD, MS Office, SAP and other related working software;

  • 具有独立分析问题的能力,能提出适当的解决方案并进行论证;Have the ability to analyze problems independently, can propose appropriate solutions and make demonstration;

  • 自我驱动力强,具有创新的思维方式。能独立并有预见性的主动开展工作,能发现问题并积极寻求解决方案;Self-driven, open, inspirational and innovation. Ability to work independently andpredictably to identify problems and seek solutions actively;

  • 具有项目管理经验、组织协调能力、团队合作意识和良好的沟通能力;Project management skill, organization and coordination skills, teamwork awareness and good communication skills;

  • 愿意承担责任,并能赢得他人信任。在观念和主动性方面能以身作则,并影响他人;Be willing to take responsibility, and can get trust from others. Lead by example in the aspects of concept and imitative, and make influence to others;

  • 良好的全局观,能从公司角度考虑行为和方案所产生的结果和影响;A good global view, have the ability to consider the influence of the behavior and the solution from the perspective of the company。

• 该岗位内部推荐奖金为人民币3,000元整(仅限博世内部员工申请),具体请参见《博世中国内部推荐政策》• Internal Referral bonus of this vacancy: RMB 3,000 (Valid only for Bosch associates). For the detailed regulation, please refer to Bosch China Internal Referral Policy