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Alcatel-Lucent IP Customer Service Engineer in Guangdong, China

IP Customer Service Engineer

Guangdong, China (https://aluperf.referrals.selectminds.com/jobs/95881/other-jobs-matching/location-only)

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Jiangsu, China (https://aluperf.referrals.selectminds.com/jobs/95881/other-jobs-matching/location-only?location_id=3017) Henan, ChinaBeijing, Beijing, China (https://aluperf.referrals.selectminds.com/jobs/95881/other-jobs-matching/location-only?location_id=1779)

Customer Services

CX Customer Experience

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Job Responsibilities:1. Responsible for the commissioning and delivery of Nokia network equipment; as well as business adjustment and cutover of equipment to meet user business needs;2. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of Nokia network equipment, including fault analysis, diagnosis and treatment, as well as inspection of equipment to eliminate hidden troubles;3. Cooperate with the background support team, project management team, and sales team to respond to and deal with customer network-related issues, needs, and faults;4. Write project implementation technical plan, cutover plan and fault handling report; School Recruitment Requirements:1. Communication engineering, computer, electronic information, network engineering and related majors;2. Have good English reading and writing skills, and be able to read English technical documents proficiently;3. Have good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit;4. Have the ability to resist pressure, have strong technical learning and understanding skills, bear hardships and stand hard work, and adapt to short-term business trips and long-term assignments;

Social Recruitment Requirements:1. Proficient in TCP/IP protocol and IP network routing and switching technology and principle;2. Have a solid network foundation, be familiar with the OSI seven-layer protocol architecture, have a deep understanding and practical experience in various routing (OSPF, ISIS, BGP, etc.), switching protocols, etc.3. Familiar with at least one brand of network equipment such as Nokia, Cisco, Huawei, H3C, etc., able to independently install and debug routers and switches;4. Have good communication skills, have a good team work spirit, have a strong ability to learn quickly, and have the ability to independently analyze and solve problems;5. Have a high sense of responsibility, be active and rigorous in work, be able to withstand greater work pressure, and adapt to short-term business trips and long-term assignments;

Other Requirements:1. Holders of Nokia, Cisco, Huawei or related IP network certification certificates are preferred;2. Familiar with Python programming is preferred;3. Familiar with Linux operating system is preferred;

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