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IHG Captain 各餐厅领班 in Foshan, China

Captain 各餐厅领班

Hotel Brand: InterContinental Hotels

Location: Mainland China, Guangdong, Foshan

Hotel: InterContinental Foshan New City

Job number: HOTEL43575


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• Assist manager to conduct daily operation management, register employee attendance and surpervise service level of staff 协助经理负责部门的行政及日常操作管理,登记员工的考勤,督察员工的服务水平。 • Responsible for service skill of staff and practical operation training. 负责属下员工的服务技巧和实务操作培训。 •  Improve economic efficiency and service quality 提高餐厅营业经济效益及服务质量。 • Conduct repair and maintenance of equipment used for banquets 对宴会所用器材进行维修和保养。 •  Inspect attitude, appearance and discipline of staff 督察员工的工作态度、仪表和纪律。 • Responsible for taking all kinds of appliance used for restaurant 负责餐厅各类用具的领货 •  Responsible for maintance of all kinds of appliances and tableware 负责餐厅各类用具、器皿的保管。 • Make assessment for staff as per staff work performance 根据员工的工作表现,对员工进行评估。 • Directing work and service of each reception to achieve provisions and requirements of the company. 指挥每一个接待的工作及服务,确保达到公司规定和要求。 • Maintain good communication with all other hotel departments 与酒店各部门保持良好的沟通。 • Study improvement in work and submit reasonable suggestions 研究工作中需改善之处,提交合理的建议。 • Convey the administrative decisions and intention from hotel management authority, implement disciplinary measures in accordance with the hotel's rules and regulations 传达酒店管理当局的行政决策和意图,依照酒店的规章制度实施纪律措施。 • Check sanitation of all workplace of restaurant 检查餐厅各工作场地的卫生。 • Consider details of each work to ensure smooth. 考虑的每一个工作细节,确保顺利进行。 • Submit to work organization from supervisors and complete assigned tasks. 服从上司的工作安排,完成分派的工作任务 • Responsible that all types of appliances return to storage house 负责各类用具的回仓情况。

Your day to day

Required Skills – 技能要求 • Familiar with operation of banquet hall 熟悉宴会厅的运作

• Possess good communication skills 良好的沟通能力

Qualifications – 学历 • Diploma or Vocational Certificate in Culinary Skills or related field. 具有烹调技能或相关领域的大专学历或职业证书。

Experience – 经验 • Three years working experience in the hotel at the same level 三年酒店同级工作经验