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CoreCivic Psychiatrist in FLORENCE, Arizona

$275,000 - $350,000 per year

At CoreCivic, we do more than manage inmates, we care for people. CoreCivic is currently seeking Psychiatrist who have a passion for providing the highest quality care in an institutional setting.

The Psychiatrist manages the operation and provides overall direction and leadership for the provision of the mental health services in the facility. This position has the primary responsibility of providing administrative and clinical coordination for the comprehensive mental health care program for the inmates/residents.

The successful applicant should be able to perform ALL of the following functions at a pace and level of performance consistent with the actual job performance requirements.

  • Report to assigned facility at designated hour to provide direct patient care and associated clinical duties.

  • Participate in civil commitment proceedings.

  • Assess and provide a DSM diagnosis as appropriate.

  • Prescribe and monitor psychotropic medications.

  • Provide a variety of professional services to include counseling, disease process and central, ordering necessary lab work and reviewing results.

  • Supervise and provide mentorship to other facility based mental health staff.

  • Assess the needs of mental health services, collect and maintain statistics and data and prepare necessary reports pertaining to mental health services.

  • Evaluate and recommend methods of improving operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of mental health related services.

  • Accept on call status.

  • Provide direct casework services and individual, group and family counseling to inmates/residents and their families.

  • Assist in developing and implementing treatment and therapeutic programs for assigned inmates/residents; assist inmates/residents to understand and overcome social and emotional problems.

  • Prepare progress reports; provide recommendations regarding discharge plans; make case presentations; and assist administrative and medical staff in development of statistical reports on assigned inmates/residents.

  • Serve as mental health staff liaison in group counseling, volunteer activities and other events designed to promote mental health services to inmates/residents.

  • Assist in supervision of inmates/residents, both within the facility and while in community activities; promote positive community relations and utilize community services, as needed.

  • Maintain and monitor confidentiality of inmates/residents and their files; audit files to determine that all services provided are documented; review status of inmates/residents to verify that all treatment and therapeutic programs are completed.

  • Assist in coordinating professional services provided by contract personnel, if applicable, and provide for that their needs to be addressed.

  • Prepare and maintain a variety of standard narrative, statistical, summary and/or operational records, reports and logs, using appropriate grammar, to include filing, alphabetizing and labeling; review reports and records produced by staff. Properly process all reports and documents in a timely manner.

  • Attend scheduled staff meetings, group meetings and other staff and group activities essential for effective program and service delivery and to promote communications and the proper flow of relevant information between administration, staff and inmates/residents.

  • Utilize established corporate, facility and correctional policies and procedures in making decisions, but perform with a high degree of independence and professional administrative skill and use sound independent judgment in meeting the responsibilities and performing the duties of the position.

  • Review, process and respond (via corporate counsel) to lawsuits; attend court hearings, when necessary.

  • Read, analyze, comprehend and interpret technical procedures or governmental regulations, legal and non-legal documents, including the processing of such documents as medical instructions, commitment orders, summons and other legal writs.

  • Communicate effectively and coherently to administration, staff, inmates/residents, visitors and the general public, particularly in situations requiring tact, diplomacy, understanding, fairness, firmness and good judgment. This includes giving information, instructions and directions; mediating disputes; advising of rights and processes; and providing reliable testimony, in court and other formal settings.

  • Maintain equipment and supplies as required, order replacement items in a timely manner via the purchase order system.

  • Endure verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile views and opinions of inmates/residents and others, e.g. visitors and family members, encountered in an antagonistic environment.

  • Perform rescue functions at accidents, emergencies and disasters to include administering basic emergency medical aid, physically removing people away from dangerous situations, and securing and evacuating people from confined areas.

  • Take appropriate action to prevent or diffuse potentially disruptive situations.

  • Experience exposure to body fluids, wastes and experience encounter with deceased or contagious persons.

  • Endeavor to comply with the requirements of applicable regulations, laws, rules, procedures, policies, standards and/or contract.

  • Be aware that verbal abuse may be present with the hostile views and opinions of inmates/residents and others encountered in an antagonistic environment.

  • Establish and maintain effective working relations with others and handle difficult interpersonal contacts.

  • Define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.

  • Participate in in-service and other training programs as required.

  • Report to assigned facility at designated hour to provide direct patient care and associated clinical duties.

  • May be assigned the duties of any position in an emergency situation.

  • Remain alert at all times and react quickly, efficiently and calmly in emergency and other high stress situations.


  • Graduate from an accredited college or university with an advanceddegree in psychology, or an appropriate degree in a related clinical area andappropriate certification or license (or meet educational requirements forlicensing in the state of employment, if greater).

  • Five years clinical experience, which includestwo years in a comparable position.

  • Avalid driver’s license is required.

  • Minimum age requirement: Must be at least 18 years of age.

CoreCivic is a Drug-Free Workplace & EOE including Disability/Veteran.