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JOB REQUIREMENTS: ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE Maintain direct contact with program applicants and advisees. Collaborate with applicants and program advisees to build and adapt student success plans. Promote knowledge and skills necessary for college and career success. Reinforce student-driven approach. Monitor student progress toward program completion. Educate and train advisees to utilize academic tools and technology related to retention and completion. Accurately advise students regarding application, enrollment, waitlist status, curriculum updates, and class offerings/availability. Process program changes, drop/adds, withdrawals, and other changes according to college procedures. Assist in acquiring career information, developing career awareness, and advancing employment readiness needed to achieve career goals. Help students select a career pathway/program of study based on student\'s interests and abilities, career assessments, and job market data. Interpret career assessment results and articulated credits & transfer records to determine placement and transferability. Record and create student success plans for students and staff to assist and utilize in achieving student success. Provide information and services (including referral services) to enrolled and prospective students on student issues to guide students and ensure student success; duties include, but are not limited to, providing information and services related to areas such as: education, career development, physical and mental health, coursework, and reasonable accommodation and disability services. Identify and problem-solve barriers to learning success through the creation of student success plans. Assist with the development and implementation of intervention and retention strategies. Follow up on Academic Student Alerts and Behavior Concerns and make campus and community referrals as appropriate. Analyze data and identify students at risk for persisting and completing their program. Contact and communicate with students who are at risk for not completing courses and/or programs. Empower advisees to help develop and maintain a student success plan by incorporating coaching strategies to build meaningful professional relationships that address individual needs, a completion plan, and success strategies that support academic, personal, and career goals of a diverse population of students. Maintain and assist with the development of advising operating procedures and keep up to date on college policies. Maintain required records and documentation while conducting student sessions in compliance with FERPA regulations. Work collaboratively with program faculty, academic leads, and Deans to support students\' academic success, build partnerships with academic programs, and increase post-college success. This job description is intended to represent only the key areas of responsibilities; specific position assignments will vary depending on the business needs of the department. Incumbents assigned to Advising may be responsible for: Providing individualized and broad student advocacy to help prospective, admitted, and enrolled students navigate the college experience. Serving as a community outreach specialist by providing college and career exploration activities in district communities/outreach sites and regional secondary schools to generate enrollment. Advising, creating, and monitoring student success plans for a caseload of students through academic, career, and personal development. Developing and implementing retention strategies for the college overall and specific student populations. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Career Development Facilitator Certification or obtainment within one year. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS STATEMENT Southwest Tech is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible workplace. While certain job roles may require physical capabilities, w welcome applicants of all abilities and are committed to providing reasonable accommodations throughout the hiring process and in the workplace. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: www.swtc.edu/jobs Other: APPLICATIONS Internal and External applicants complete and submit the online employment application at www.swtc.edu/jobs For questions regarding the application process please email Human Resources at humanresources@swtc.edu or 608.822.2314. If you need an accommodation, call 608.822.2632 (TDD: 608.822.2072) or email disabilityservices@swtc.edu