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NJ Employer Farmworker in Elm, New Jersey

Anticipated period of employment: 03/11/2024 to 11/25/2024

All applicants must have at least 3 months of verifiable experience harvesting and handling agricultural products at a third party farm. Applicants must have tomato experience and know how to stake, sucker, and tie these crops. All applicants must be able to lift 60 pounds.

Perform manual labor to plant, cultivate, harvest, grade, and pack the following crops: strawberries, sweet corn, tomatoes (round, plum, grape), peppers (bell, jalapeno, long hot, cherry), pickling cucumbers, eggplant, peaches, and sweet potatoes. Including PACKING ONLY of blueberries. Lay or remove plastic. Clean plastic of debris. Set and/or remove stakes. Manually pull weeds. Tie, prune, sucker, and thin crops as instructed by supervisor. Remove and or clean plant debris and/or vines from ground or trellises. See ETA 790/790A for a complete job description.

Interested candidates should contact their local State Workforce Office to receive a copy of the ETA 790 and applicable attachments. Workers should be fully apprised by their local employment office of the terms, conditions, and nature of employment prior to referral. Once the applicant has a copy of the job order they may apply directly to the employer, Pastore Orchards, by phone or fax application or resume to set up an interview. Applicants may also e-mail their contact information. Interviews for local applicants can be schedule by phone during regular business hours 9AM - 5PM, Monday -Friday. Employer will interview the applicant for availability for the entire season, ability to report to the job site at the start date, and whether he possesses the required experience.

Please see AOSOS comment section before making any referrals.