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Job Information

ABM Industries Airline Passenger Assist in El Paso, Texas


Position Summary Details

The function of this job is to fulfill the passenger services obligation of the airlines for its officially disabled passengers as well as to assist non-disabled persons who desire wheelchair assistance for their comfort. Passenger services positions are very customer service oriented and “tipping” is allowed and customary. Wheelchair Agents who provide extraordinary customer service are known to increase their earning potential between $25–$100 per week (example only).

Essential Functions

  • At all times follow all safety precautions (push wheelchair at a safe pace, beware of other passengers and carts darting into path, push only one wheelchair at a time, back wheelchairs down jetways rather than face-forward due to decline of the jetway ramp, etc.

  • Interact with passengers in a positive interpersonal way

  • Assist passengers in any way necessary to provide professional passenger relations (i.e. providing directions, assisting with flight information, and helping with any out-of-the-ordinary circumstances like delayed flights)

  • Comply with all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint screening requirements and processes


Safely transport passengers from gate to gate, curb to curb, or gate to curb dependent upon whether they are

  • In-terminal plane transfers, originating passengers, or destination-arriving passengers

  • Assist passengers at baggage claim as necessary

  • Coordinate with dispatcher for assignments (dependent on airport)

  • Coordinate with gate agents to assist any wheelchair-assisted passengers who will need gate agent assistance at time of boarding to board the aircraft

  • Complete thorough Incident Reports for any accidents or out-of-the-ordinary events while in the court of transporting a passenger


All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran.