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Roche Bros. Supermarkets Food Safety Supervisor in Easton, Massachusetts

Roche Bros. is looking for a skilled Food Safety Supervisor to join our in-house expanded kitchen team. The role of the Food Safety Supervisor is to ensure compliance of HACCP while overseeing the safety of our associates and the quality of the product. This means ensuring that product is properly processed, all food safety and quality protocols are followed as well as the adherence to all Good Manufacturing Practices and training. The Food Safety Supervisor will assign work to production management associates and help to execute processing steps when needed.

This position starts at $25.32/hour.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.

  • High school diploma or equivalent.

  • Minimum 5-6 years’ experience in a kitchen manufacturing environment.

  • Must be HACCP certified.

  • Strong communication skills

  • Professional and engaged work ethic.

  • Knowledge in proper chemical handling

  • Computer skills in e-mail retrieving and sending; basic word document skills.

  • Must be able to read and write English adequately.

  • Ability to speak, understand and follow English instructions.

  • Ability to work with people of various backgrounds, personality traits and levels of authority to accomplish department and Company goals.

  • Successful completion of pre-employment/promotion drug screen and criminal background check. (Timeline must fall within Company guidelines.)

  • Commit to the “Golden Rule” and work with other associates to build a strong team atmosphere.

  • The position develops, implements, and manages food safety systems designed to ensure continuous compliance with all food safety regulatory authorities working with the Director.

  • Ensure safety, quality and efficiency goals are met.

  • Ensure implementation and maintenance of positive food safety culture across the production crew and facility management.

  • Investigate (and correct) customer issues and complaints relating to quality.

  • Performing internal audits.

  • Maintain and implement food safety training programs.

  • Provide all employees with necessary tools, proper training, and corrective direction.

  • Interact with vendors and procurement to ensure food safety of all purchased parts.

  • Maintain production standards while adhering to food safety and food quality company policies.

  • Maintain food safety records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Work closely with Commissary Director to achieve shared goals.

  • Timely response to corrective actions requests from the Director.

  • Enforces and monitors all HACCP steps and procedures.

  • Reports and corrects any safety violations in the form of corrective actions and on the spot training.

  • Experience using ATP test readers and report development.

  • Experience overseeing Environmental monitoring programs, sponge swabs and micro testing working with outside laboratories.

  • Ensuring all quality standards and procedures are maintained, including training and monitoring of new and existing employees in the processes and methods required to achieve the company's standards for food quality, and food safety, consistent with company principles.

  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is in a manufacturing and assembly environment and is regularly exposed to cool and/or cold temperatures (10º - 40º)

Never (N) 0%

Occasionally (O) 1-33%

Frequently (F) 34-66%

Continuously (C) 67-100%

  • Standing: C surface type: tile/concrete

  • Walking: C surface type: tile/concrete

  • Carrying: F up to 50 lbs.

  • Pushing: O up to 500 lbs.

  • Lifting: O up to 50 lbs.

  • Pulling: O up to 500 lbs.

  • Climbing: O height: 8 ft

  • Reaching: F level: waist/overhead

  • Sitting: O

  • Bending: F

  • Balancing: F

  • Stooping: F

  • Kneeling: O

  • Crouching: O

  • Handling: C

  • Fingering: C

  • Feeling: C

  • Crawling: N

  • Talking: C

  • Seeing: C

  • Hearing: C

  • Smelling: C

Repetitive Action:

Continuous movement of entire body

Job Location: (place where work is performed)

Retail grocery location

Working Conditions: environment involved is

☒ inside ☒ outside ☒ cold ☒ heat ☒ wet/humidity

Safety Risk Factors:

Never (N) 0%

Occasionally (O) 1-33%

Frequently (F) 34-66%

Continuously (C) 67-100%

  • Loud Noise O

  • Twisting of back and neck O

  • Slippery floor surface F

  • Cluttered floor surface O

  • Hazardous equipment (mechanical moving parts) C

  • Contact with sharp objects F

  • Contact with skin irritant O

  • Toxic exposure (see material safety data sheet) O

  • Nuisance dust, fumes, sprays O

  • Hazardous cleaning solutions O


☒ varied ☒ day ☒ evenings ☒ weekends ☒ holidays

Machines, tools, equipment, etc.:

Food processor, grill, slicer, knives, kitchen utensils, case cutter, warmer, oven, fryer, smoker, electronic scales, mixer, shrink film wrap, power jack, pressure washer, trash compactor.

Job ID: 2023-5137

External Company URL: fike

Street: 25 Washington Street