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Safe Haven Shelter and Resource Center Overnight Shelter Advocate in Duluth, Minnesota

Position Summary The Shelter Advocates provide advocacy, crisis intervention, support, information, and referrals for survivors in the shelter and in the community, attend to the needs of the residential environment of the Shelter, and perform all other duties as assigned. Essential Functions Commitment to Safe Haven s Mission and Core Values: Safety: Striving to overcome fear and create a safe environment for all. Respond supportively to survivors in crisis who call Safe Haven s help-line and ensure their need for safety is addressed. Evaluate requests for shelter services following Safe Haven s criteria for admittance. Learn and understand proficiently the partner services Safe Haven relies on to provide safety intervention for all clients. Promptly address difficulties or problems that arise within the Shelter; addresses any communal living concerns with clients and maintain documentation of these incidents. Respond calmly to crisis situations, function well under pressure, and take appropriate steps to deal with emergency situations with the goal of maintaining the safety of all clients and colleagues. Complete intake paperwork and familiarize each client with the Shelter upon their arrival at Safe Haven. Provide a Safety Plan for every client. Maintain shelter security at all times. Comply with MN Mandated Reporting Statute. Uphold the principles of confidentiality as defined and required by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Record and document all injuries to clients as requested. Respond effectively to follow up calls from Law Enforcement Officers reporting incidents of domestic violence. Coordinate with Law Enforcement Officers and accompany survivors on safe escorts as needed and/or requested. Obey all traffic laws while operating Safe Haven vehicles; drive defensively and safely at all times. Empowerment: Creating independence through education, respect and awareness by putting the needs of the survivor and their children first. Maintain professional boundaries with all Safe Haven clients. Encourage all clients to familiarize themselves with Safe Haven s Resource Center and the services provided. Plan one-to-one time with survivors who stay at Safe Haven to assist in goal-setting, progress updates, and provide emotional support and encouragement. Manage competing priorities efficiently and effectively. Educate survivors about domestic violence one-to-one (and in groups when applicable) and provide post-separation support. Advocate on behalf of all clients who are experiencing adversity and barriers to accessing necessary services. Bring clients to, and assist them during appointments such as medical, employment, housing or other appointments important to achieving their goals as requested. Do the best work possible for all survivors served by Safe Haven programs. Equality: Working toward justice and shared power. Role model positive behavior, interactions, conflict resolution etc. for our clients and the community. Assist Shelter guests in completing public benefit applications, housing and employment applications, etc. as requested. Employ strong ethical values in all aspects of the job. Work supportively with survivors and their children; honor their choices. Facilitate an education/support group. Teamwork: Collaborating with trust, integrity, passion and competence to reach our goals. Maintain professional boundaries with co-workers. Contribute to an environment of trust, collaboration and responsibility agency-wide. Maintain up-to-date records, individual files, logs, and all other necessary forms including recording statistics and keeping electronic files in the Apricot data tracking system used agency-wide. Attend all weekly staff meetings and additional trainings as assigned. Read and communicate through email and other means with all other Safe Haven employees on a daily basis, and other agencies as necessary. Abide by Safe Haven s personnel policies. Maintain cleanliness of the shelter common areas, Ad ocacy Offices and other areas as needed. Ability to fill a variety of shifts which may include days, evenings, nights, weekends and holidays. Attend all assigned shifts, or find a replacement when necessary upon approval of Shelter Supervisors. Assist with essential agency and/or program-related errands as needed and directed. Offer creative suggestions for improvement, growth and/or expansion of policies, procedures and programs. Compassion: Providing support and resources with non-judgmental advocacy. Promote and participate in creating an environment of dignity and sense of self-worth for all survivors. Contribute to an atmosphere of respect for domestic violence survivors. Understand the dynamics of domestic violence, including the challenges and barriers to permanent separation from an abusive partner. Positively represent Safe Haven and act as a liaison with other agencies serving survivors: provide referrals as necessary. Provide adequate privacy for survivors when addressing personal information such as the intake process, goal-setting, and supportive conversations. Offer transportation for clients.