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BAR C, INC. Irrigator in DILLON, Montana

Temporary full time position from 3/26/2023 to 10/31/2023. Worker will be required to perform a variety of duties related to the production of wheat, alfalfa and barley. The majority of the work activities during the overall contract period, however, will be related to irrigation. Irrigation duties will include the following: 4 inch Hand lines: remove pipes from storage and lay out/place in predetermined patterns in fields; lubricate, adjust, repair and replace parts such as sprinkler heads using hand tools; connect pipes; check alignment of pipe and adjust for proper water distribution; attach lines to water supply; turn on pump; turn valves to start flow of water; observe revolving sprinklers and adjust to ensure proper operation and uniform distribution of water; disassemble lines and carry pipes across fields at specified intervals; disassemble, service and store pipes/mainlines after irrigation season; move pipes through freshly irrigated crops and/or plowed fields where mud may be deep at times; lift and carry pipe sections weighing approximately 40 pounds on a sustained basis. To meet minimum acceptable performance standards when irrigating, the worker must, after a 10 day conditioning period, move an average of at least 48 40-foot sections of 3-inch pipe or 44 40-foot sections of 4-inch pipe per hour under normal working conditions. In view of the statutorily established basic function of the Employment Service (ES) as a no-fee labor exchange that is as a forum for bringing together employers and job seekers, neither the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) nor the State Workforce Agencies (SWA) are guarantors of the accuracy or truthfulness of information contained on job orders submitted by employers. Nor does any job order accepted or recruited upon by the ES constitute a contractual job offer to which the ETA or a SWA is in any way a party.