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Palantir Technologies Software Engineer, Frontend in Denver, Colorado

A World-Changing CompanyAt Palantir, we're passionate about building software that solvesproblems. We partner with the most important institutions in the world totransform how they use data and technology. Our software has been used to stopterrorist attacks, discover new medicines, gain an edge in globalfinancial markets, and more. If these types of projects excite you, we'dlove for you to join us.The RoleFrom the moment you flexed your first, you knew that frontend was for you. What you didn't know was how farbeyond the simplicity of a grid-based layout your journey would take you.Frontend software engineers at Palantir are constantly exploring newhorizons: between type theory, operational transforms, 2D and 3Dmapping, UI design systems, high-scale graphics rendering,evidence-based performance optimization, and the never-ending need todecompose user asks into beautiful and maintainable software, there isalways a new challenge to be faced.Every Palantirian is encouraged to play to their personal strengths, sothere is no "one size fits all" approach to frontend engineering atPalantir. Here are a few of the many diverse types of frontend softwareengineers you may work with at Palantir:* The engineer who balances velocity with refinement, sprinkling codeimprovements at a constant clip and writing clean, production-quality codethat helps mature early ideas into hardened products.* The engineer who loves the challenge of isolating and crushing standaloneproblems under the might of an elegantly designed library. Writes beautifulAPIs and documentation. May be active in Open Source.* The engineer who thrives in a green field, working effortlessly with orwithout a designer to bring wispy ideas from whiteboard to prototypal fruitionin record time. Abides by the mantra of "Move fast and make things."* The engineer who seeks to understand, capture, and celebrate the tinydetails in the world around us. Lives for pixel perfection and the finallayers of polish, elegance, and performance that will make our productstake flight.* The engineer who optimizes the tooling that others depend on, pushing theboundary of what frontend build systems can deliver. Harnesses tools such asWebpack, Lerna, and Babel to increase developer productivity and packagecode to be deployed anywhere.Core ResponsibilitiesAs a frontend engineer at Palantir, you will be involved throughout theproduct lifecycle - from idea generation, design, and prototyping toexecution and shipping. You'll collaborate closely with designers, productmanagers and backend developers to shape and build powerful data-backedapplications. You will be involved in high-level product and technicaldecision-making, as well as diving deep into the weeds to unblock thosearound you and write thoughtful, maintainable code. We encourage all teammembers to stay up-to-date with current frontend trends, identify communitybest practices, and teach others around them through code reviews and internalRequirements* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalentunderstanding of algorithms, performance, and systems design.* 3+ years writing production-quality HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/TypeScript.* Experience building applications using modern JavaScript frameworks such asReact/Redux, Angular, or Vue.* Familiarity with multiple web APIs (e.g. WebSockets, Web Workers,WebRTC, Canvas, WebGL).What We ValueIn addition to meeting the requirements above, we are looking for someonewho displays one or more of the following skills:* Expert-level understanding of modern JavaScript frameworks such asReact/Redux, Angular, or Vue. You understand how your framework ofchoice interfaces with browser internals and affects your application'sperform* Ability to engage on UX and design topics. You have a passion for buildinggreat products, and are constantly pushing to increase your product'simpact for its users.* Demonstrated leadership experience. You have owned the development for aproduct, and/or