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BAYAUD ENTERPRISES Navigator II- Benefits Navigator in Denver, Colorado

Job Details Job Location 333 W BAYAUD AVE - DENVER, CO

Position Type Full Time Salary Range $20.00 - $27.00 Hourly

Navigator II -Benefits Navigator

SUMMARY: The goal of the Benefits Navigator is to assist disabled children and adults in applying for and obtaining Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) utilizing the SOAR (SSI/SSDI, Outreach, Access, and Recovery) model. Specifically, this position will provide all SOAR methodologies across program areas including, but not limited to, screening for SSI/SSDI eligibility, reviewing of medical and mental health documents, developing the claims, providing medical and mental health assessment referrals, ensuring client compliance with required examinations ordered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and Disability Determination Services (DDS), filing the SSI/SSDI applications and associated forms, writing medical summary reports and obtaining provider signatures on it if possible, and continued management of the claim to decision. The Benefits Navigator will work closely with claimants, internal staff, SSA, and DDS. The Benefits Navigator is responsible for providing navigation services for programs and services that will contribute to increased well-being as well as appropriate supports, and treatment such as Long-Term Care and Health First Colorado (Medicaid). He/she maintains contact with claimants throughout the application processes and serves as the liaison between the claimant and SSA/DDS. The Benefits Navigator is responsible for completion of forms and documents, maintaining documentation and files (virtual and paper), reading, and interpreting medical records, researching claimant conditions in the Social Security Program Operations Manual System (POMS), and writing med ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following: Assist in SSI/SSDI benefit acquisition as appropriate utilizing SOAR model principles including screening review, application assistance including completion of all required forms needed on the claim, writing, and submitting medical summary report (MSR), representation on the claim when appropriate, and quality review of all applicable documentation and proces Manage an ongoing caseload of initial and first reconsideration claims. Collaborate with paired DHS case management to connect participants to services and resource acquisition including but not limited to SNAP, TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families), Medicaid, Medicare, and Long-Term Care Medicaid or Aid to Needy Disabled (AND) or OAP (Old Age Pension) as approp Request and maintain medical, physiological, school, work records in compliance with HIPPA and confidentiality statutes, regulations, and rules. Read medical, mental health, and educational records with attention to detail for tests and verbiage that are significant for Social Security Disability eligibility. Ability to research unfamiliar terms and diagnoses located in medical, mental health, and educational records for the purposes of screening and for writing the MSR. Identify proper forms and obtain signatures on all the required forms and documentation. Maintain regular contact with participants at least monthly and respond promptly to participants with appropriate documentation. Assist with medical/mental health appointments or regulatory appointments with participants, as needed. Interact with community members in a way which supports cooperation among agencies and resource acquisition. Maintain regular contact with medical providers as well as DDS and SSA as needed, including supporting attendance for Consultative Exams (CE's). Provide monthly reports to supervisor on status of cases. Document all data and reporting requirements regarding participants in appropriate databases. Act as a back-up to team in case management and other navigation matters- across departments. OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILI IES include the following: Remain culturally attuned to the people of the community being served, able to communicate, be sensitive and compassionate. Very knowledgeable of the environment and systems through which the participant must move to access programs and services. Connect with internal resources, external allies, service agencies and critical decision makers and make appropriate and accurate referrals to partners as appropriate. Keep abreast of current trends in community resources, SOAR processes, social security benefits, state government benefits, medical and mental health programming, and best practices in accessing these resources and program Maintain accurate data entry and record keeping. Participate in ongoing trainings and professional development opportunities that will contribute to the effectiveness of the SOAR team. All other duties or special projects as assigned. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES This position has no supervisory responsibilities. Qualifications

QUALIFICATIONS Strong administrative, computer and database skills to track and meet multiple deadlines. Ability to understand and interpret Social Security's Program Operations Manual System (POMS). Ability to read, understand, and interpret medical diagnoses and data. Excellent writing and verbal skills, grammar, and reasoning skills. Able to manage projects independently and to report outcomes effectively. Experience working with individuals with disabilities and mental illness