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U.S. NAVY Engineering in Denver, Colorado

ABOUT The United States Navy's massive fleet of attack and defense vessels and systems all work in tandem to carry out the Navy's most critical missions. As an Engineering Duty Officer, your job is to keep the fleet moving forward. The Navy will rely on your sharp math and science skills to design, develop and deploy the world's fiercest ships and smartest integrated warfare systems. Roll up your sleeves, Sailor, because it's time to put the stealth in submarines and the muscle into the modern combat fleet.

RESPONSIBILITIES Engineering Duty Officers ensure that U.S. Naval and Joint Forces operate and fight with the most capable vessels, systems and equipment possible. Your math and science skills will be vital to constantly improving the Navy's warfighting capability and maintaining a robust cybersecurity network. Job responsibilities could include:

  • Conducting research on high-priority operational needs
  • Leading the design of new ships and their systems while supervising the integration of weapons and electronic systems into these ships
  • Managing the construction, delivery, maintenance, conversion, overhaul and disposal of ships, submarines and aircraft carriers
  • Overseeing the planning, execution and testing of the repair and modernization of ships and warfare systems

PAY AND BENEFITS From the day you start, you'll receive:

  • Competitive salary
  • Free health insurance
  • Free housing
  • A retirement plan
  • 30 days paid vacation per year

EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES All Engineering Duty Officers are required to obtain a Master's degree in a technical curriculum from theNaval Postgraduate SchoolorMassachusetts Institute of Technology. This requirement is completed while serving.

Naval Postgraduate School (With Doctorate Opportunities) Curriculum Listing:

  • Naval/Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Space Systems Engineering
  • Combat Systems Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Space Systems Engineering (Applied Physics)
  • Computer Science
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Curriculum Listing:

  • Naval Construction and Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering

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  • Bachelor's degree
  • U.S. citizen or equivalent
  • 17 years of age or older

High schoolers and current undergraduates interested in becoming an EDO can enter through theNaval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC)or through the U.S. Naval Academy. It is important to note that EDOs do not have direct accession through theUSNA/NROTC commissioning sources. ED accessions are warfare-qualified Officers who are strong performers and academically qualified to pursue a technical Master's Degree. General qualifications may vary depending upon whether you'recurrently serving, whether you'veserved beforeor whether you'venever served before.

WORK ENVIRONMENT Your work as an Engineering Duty Officer is highly valued and can take you virtually anywhere. Most EDOs are stationed at shore commands in Washington, D.C., Norfolk, VA, or San Diego, CAhowever, there are opportunities for exciting sea tours around the world in Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

PART-TIME OPPORTUNITIES There are part-time roles as an Engineering Duty Officer in the Navy. Serving part-time as a Reserve Sailor, your duties will be carried out during your scheduled drilling and training periods. Durin monthly drilling, Engineering Duty Officers in the Navy Reserve typically work at a location close to their homes. Take a moment to learn more about thegeneral roles and responsibilities of Navy Reserve Sailors.