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Calhoun Community College Business and CIS Program Coordinator in Decatur, Alabama

/ / [Business and CIS Program Coordinator

? **[Salary: [See Position Description

**[Location: [Tanner, AL

**[Job Type: [Full-Time

**[Job Number: [03782

**[College/Division: [CCC-202000-Business Administration

**[Opening Date: [01/03/2024

**[Closing Date:[1/17/2024 4:00 PM Central

**[Campus Location: [Calhoun Community College

**[Position Summary [The Business and CIS Program Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Dean of Business and CIS in establishing and coordinating industry and community relations as well as work-based learning programs.

Salary: Appropriate placement on ACCS Salary Schedule E1, Grade 1: $55,038 - $72,188

Work Hours: Monday through Thursday, 7:45 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.; Friday 7:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications and must submit a complete application packet to be considered. A complete application consists of the following:]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}**]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}

  • Online application
  • Current rsum
  • Copy of college transcripts (Transcript of college work verifying degree requirement; must include degree awarded and date confirmed. Unofficial transcripts will be accepted before the deadline, but official transcripts must be received if employed.)

[Application materials must provide documentation that the applicant meets all minimum qualifications. Applicants must provide information from previous employers documenting full-time related work experience if an offer is made. [Essential Duties and Responsibilities]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}

Cultivate community relations with industry, transfer institutions, and external stakeholders within the service area.

Collect and maintain program-related career and transfer information.

Promote programs at events within the service area.

[Establish and coordin ]{helvetica",sans-serif"=""}