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Accenture Scrum/Devops/Agile in Dalian, China

Scrum1. 担当1-2个Scrum团队的敏捷教练角色。2. 负责实施sprint计划、backlog更新、sprint回顾、每日scrum和发布计划会议。3. 推动敏捷*实践的采用,包括但不限于:自动化测试、同行评审、TDD和CI/CD,以确保团队提供高质量的产品4. 建立一个以解决问题为导向的互信和安全的环境5. 促进讨论、决策和冲突解决。6. 识别并指导团队消除障碍,帮助团队确保全部项目交付如期进行7. 指导团队如何充分实现自我组织8.与其他团队和管理层就项目进度和依赖关系处理进行沟通,确保团队的透明度DevOps1.DevOps framework implementation & maintenance on cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, etc)2.Continuous integration, continuous deployment framework implementation & maintenance.3.Collaborate with development teams, architects, and other groups to identify technical and functional needs and ensure cross collaboration with other projects / applications.4.Source code and control management, branching, merging, labeling, and code consumption topology and integration with Continuous Integration /Continuous Deployment processAgile1.Identify the training programs for the team members; coach and mentor team members to develop agile capabilities, self-organization etc.; explain benefits and scrum principles to the product owner and team where required.2.Plan for capability development, identify training initiatives needed across multiple teams and organize for the same3.Build a sustainable team – focusing on high performing teams, needs around soft skills.