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UPMC Staff RN- Maternity- Part Time/UPMC Cole (7a-7p) in Coudersport, Pennsylvania



Coordinates total nursing care for patients, participates in patient and family teaching and provides leadership by working cooperatively with ancillary, nursing and other patient team personnel in maintaining standards for professional nursing practice in the clinical setting.

Sign-On Bonus Details:

  • $15,000 sign-on bonus available for nurses with over one year of experience

  • $10,000 sign-on bonus available for Graduate Nurses and nurses with one year or less of experience


  • a. Maintains the standards of nursing care and implements the policies and procedures of the Hospital and Nursing Department, including its philosophy, mission and values.b. Assesses the patient?s condition and nursing needs, determines outcomes and prescribes appropriate nursing actions to meet those outcomes and the physical, psychological, social and rehabilitative needs of the patient including discharge planning. Collaborates with interdisciplinary team to meet the outcome needs of the individual patient.c. Reports pertinent observations and reactions regarding patient to the appropriate person (i.e., physicians, director, nurse manager, charge nurse and/or nursing supervisor) and records those observations accurately and concisely.d. Assigns nursing care to team members in accordance with patient needs and the personnel?s capabilities and qualifications and assigns other duties as needed.e. Administers medications to and performs treatments on assigned patients.f. Directs, supervises and evaluates nursing care provided to patients.g. Assists physicians with special tests and procedures, such as thoracentesis, lumbar tap, etc.

  • h.Participates in the economical utilization of supplies and ensures that equipment is maintained in a clean and safe manner.i. Participates in the orientation of new personnel and performance evaluations of the nursing staff.j. Assists team members in giving care to patients or administers direct care when professional nursing skills and judgement are needed.k. Coordinates nursing care of patients when scheduled for therapy or procedures by other departments.l. Establishes and maintains communications and utilizes teaching opportunities with patients and other significant individuals.m. Assists with or institutes emergency measures for sudden adverse developments in patients, such as cardiac arrest.n. Participates actively in committees for the improvement of nursing care.o. Possesses skills necessary to provide care/services appropriate to the age of the patients served.p. Involved in surveillance and ensuring the patient safety culture at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital. Reports patient safety concerns and events.q. Exhibits accountability and contributes to patient safety.r. Assesses and monitors patient?s level and response to pain.s. Educates patients in pain management and its impact on patient outcome.t. A Registered Nurse who has taken a basic arrhythmia class and completed the competency will be expected to do telemetry monitoring in the ICU, if floated there.u. Performs telemetry monitoring, as required.v. Hourly rounding on patients assigned.

  • PACU, ICU, SPU, OBa. Display knowledge of anesthetic agents, narcotic analgesics, reversal drugs and other drugs commonly utilized in Post Anesthesia Care.b. Be familiar with surgical procedures and their implications is post-operative care.c. Aware of complications related to surgical procedures/anesthesia and when to notify surgeon/anesthesia.

  • ER, ICUa. Able to recognize arrhythmias.b. Able to perform 12-lead EKG?s.ICUa. Able to function as Code Team leader, as required.b. Able to perform defibrillation.c. Demonstrates ability to monitor vital signs via central and arterial line. d. Able to care for patient on ventilators.

  • ONCOLOGYa. Displays knowledge of disease process and effects of disease process.b. Displays knowledge of chemotherapy agents and administration.c. Displays knowledge of assessing medi-port/port-a-cath for administration of chemotherapy agents and obtaining blood samples for lab tests.d. Displays knowledge in technical assistance in monitoring patients and managing side effects of treatment and pain.e. Displays knowledge of evaluating side effects of treatment.f. Displays knowledge of differences in administration of vesicant and non-vesicant chemotherapy drugs.g. Displays knowledge of treating infiltration/extravasation of vesicant and non-vesicant chemotherapy drugs.h. Displays knowledge of managing a toxic spill and discarding chemotherapy waste.i. Assessment and reassessment of pain for adequate pain management

  • INPATIENT BEHAVIORAL HEALTH UNIT SPECIALIZAING IN GERIATRICSa. Possesses an accurate knowledge of psycho-dynamics and therapeutic processes as evidenced by effective intervention and resolution of milieu problems as they occur and appropriately communicates the processes to others.b. Utilizes knowledge of growth and development, psychopathology and psychosocial systems as evidenced by accurate assessments, Nursing Care Plans. Actively participates in staffing and case conferences. Recognizes and responds appropriately to symptoms and behavior.c. Sets appropriate limits as needed by recognizing potential behavior problems and is able to do this in a caring consistent manner, as evidenced by avoiding power struggles, escalation, and manipulation by patients and employees.d. Displays a respect for patient?s integrity as evidenced by maintenance of confidentiality and patient rights.


A current PA RN nursing license required.

Licensure, Certifications, and Clearances:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) OR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Registered Nurse (RN)

  • Act 33 with renewal

  • Act 34 with renewal

  • Act 73 FBI Clearance with renewal

  • UPMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Disability/Veteran

REQNUMBER: 918102444