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3N NELSON AG, L.L.C. Farm/Irrigation Worker (Temporary) in CORINNE, Utah

Temporary Need: 05/01/21 - 11/01/21. Two (2) full-time, seasonal, temporary Farm/Irrigation Workers needed. Must be able to lift 100 lbs. Applicants must have 20 days experience with farm/irrigation work. Applicants hired must be able to obtain a valid drivers license as driving on public roads may be required.Location: Work will be performed in Corinne, Utah. All places of employment are owned/controlled by the emloyers.Details: Tools, room, board, kitchen facilities and transportation provided at no cost to the worker. Wage is $14.82/hr. Hours: 40 hrs/week, Mon-Fri.Duties: Worker will be required to perform a variety of duties related to the production of wheat, corn, alfalfa, and onions. The majority of the work activities during the overall contract period, however, will be related to irrigation.General Farm Work will include the following responsibilities: make minor mechanical adjustments and repairs on farm machinery; wash machinery may mix and/or spray chemicals (according to appropriate restrictive use laws, when/if applicable); remove undesirable and excess growth from crops or farm grounds; remove rocks from field; paint/repair/maintain farm structures/equipment/facilities; replace/repair fencing; perform general cleanup and organization of farm areas; drive, load/unload trucks; operate vehicle, motor bike, or all-terrain vehicle in the course of performing duties; plant onions by walking behind tractors to observe planter (unclog planter if necessary); weed onions using farm hand tools to remove weeds from fields; may occasionally plant crops by hand; hand harvest onions; pull onions from the ground; cut tops off of onions with scissors; clip ends off onions and toss the tops back into the field; drop onions into five gallon bucket; even out rows for harvest; gather bagged onions from field and transfer into bins; remove unwanted debris; place produce in buckets; hand product off to or receive from another worker for placement in boxes located on trailers; place produce in boxes located on trailers; use harvesting knife to safely cut produce from plant; stack produce on pallets; lift and stack produce boxes weighing 50 pounds on a sustained basis; repair onion bins; transport crops to market; sort produce according to grade, color and size; discard diseased/rotting/inferior product and foreign matter; cleanup around conveyors and worksite; place produce in containers or on designated conveyors; select cappers; remove rocks from rows in front of harvesting equipment; alert equipment operator of equipment clogging/malfunctions; aid operator in correct machine performance.Upon delivery to market duties may include the following responsibilities to unload and store crops: drive/operate equipment to stack/ organize bins; drive/operate Fork Lift; load/unload produce; fill/stack boxes; operate box fill machine; perform general cleanup; maintain/wash equipment; fill bins from conveyor; adjust bins on box fill machine.Irrigation duties will include the following: lift gate in side of flooded irrigation ditch/pipe permitting water to flow into bordered section of field; shovel and pack dirt in low spots of embankment or cut trenches in high areas to direct water flow; close gate in ditch/pipe when bordered section is flooded; open gate or connect pipe to underground pipe system that releases water flow into reservoir or ditch; siphon water from flooded reservoir or ditch to channel water into designated areas; shovel or hoe soil to clear ditches/furrows and build embankments to appropriately channel water; mix and apply proper solutions to fill holes/cracks in pipes, ditches, and spillways, and make minor repairs to metal, concrete, and wooden frameworks in pipe and ditch valves and gates, remove irrigation equipment from storage and lay out/place in predetermined patterns in fields; adjust irrigation furrows/rows; place/move/set siphon tubes; dig/shovel irrigation holes and drainage trenches; change irrigation sets and ad