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Colliers International USA LLC Critical Facility Engineer - Electrical in Columbus, Ohio

Make your next move an expert one. At Colliers it's not our success that sets us apart, it's how we achieve it. Our people are passionate, take ownership and always do what's right for our clients, people and communities. Why Colliers? Our enterprising environment needs your expertise to facilitate Colliers' continued growth as an industry leader. Our nimble, decentralized culture can provide you with a wealth of opportunities to learn about our business and quickly gain experience to accelerate your career. Who you are This position will be M-F with potential for overtime and considered a stellar opportunity to work at a high-profile Data Center for a large technology company on a multi-year contract. The Data Center Journeyman Electrician is responsible for professional installation of wiring to a multitude of server rack and branch circuits in the construction phase of a new data center build as well as the production phase once data center is live. This role support's Colliers mission for 100% facility uptime and requires strong critical environment electrical skills, safe work practices, and routine conduct of hands-on operations and maintenance work on a variety of critical facility systems and equipment within the critical environment. Work requires willingness to learn and apply electrical installation of branch circuits in a data center, technical growth, personal accountability, general electrical maintenance, and flawless execution of assigned work activities in a high-risk critical environment. As the expert, your work requires strong formal conduct of electrical installation of branch circuits, technical expertise, personal accountability, personnel management, and flawless execution of work activities commensurate with a high-risk critical environment and associated expectations for exceptional customer satisfaction and confidence. What you bring: High School diploma or GED Trade school diploma or certification 2+ years' experience in performing electrical work in the industrial, commercial, or critical facilities Experience with data center systems, standby emergency power, uninterruptible power supplies, and associated infrastructure. Understanding of Electrical Codes and Regulations: You must have a thorough understanding of electrical codes and regulations, including safety regulations and industry standards, to ensure that your work is compliant with legal requirements and safety standards. Knowledge of Electrical Systems: You must have a strong knowledge of electrical systems, including wiring, circuits, and power distribution systems. Basic Math and Science Skills: You must have a solid foundation in basic math and science skills, including algebra, trigonometry, and physics. These skills are necessary for calculating measurements, analyzing data, and understanding electrical concepts. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: You must be able to think critically and solve problems related to electrical systems. This includes troubleshooting electrical issues and devising solutions to complex problems. Attention to Detail: You must have a keen eye for detail, as even small mistakes in electrical work can have serious consequences. You should be able to spot errors in wiring and circuits and take corrective action as needed. Physical Dexterity: You must possess good physical dexterity, as electrical work often requires working in tight spaces and manipulating small parts. You should be able to handle tools and equipment with precision and ease. Communication Skills: You must have strong communication skills, as you will be working with other electricians and contractors on job sites. You should be able to communicate effectively and clearly to ensure that assignments are completed safely and efficiently. The ability to work well as a part of a team and to work in a collabo