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Honeywell Senior Offering Manager – Spectra Medical Fiber in Colonial Heights, Virginia

The Honeywell Offering Manager is responsible for developing and optimizing an offering portfolio strategy based on customer insights, competitive and market intelligence, and executing that strategy to optimize the offerings, market position, organic growth, and financial return of the product portfolio across the product lifecycle. Offering Managers work closely with manufacturing and sourcing, engineering and R&D, Honeywell senior executives, sales and field sales to maximize the growth, development and return on investment of the organization’s product portfolio today and in the future. The Senior Offering Manager is a senior manager that supports the General Manager successfully manage the Business Line’s offerings. They will actively manage Medical Fiber Product Line (PL) and drive improvement initiatives for the product line across functions. They should have demonstrated advanced skill levels across all of the below competencies and will be expected to coach other offering managers performing their primary responsibilities and become more autonomous based on demonstrated skills and abilities.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Market Research & Competitive Landscape. Understand big-picture market drivers, challenges, competitors, and overall business environment. Identify critical gaps and execute primary and/or secondary research to address or leverage Strategic Marketing to do so. Understand key competitors and how HON offering compares. Calculate the maximum potential market size (Total Addressable Market –TAM) with help of Strategic Marketing, evaluate the solution for commercial viability, and calculate Share of Demand (SOD). Continually assess market traction and competitiveness to re-evaluate NPI, pricing, or end-of-life (EOL) actions.

  • Voice of Customer & Segmentation. Know the types of Voice of the Customer (VOC) and apply VOC and Observational VOC (OVOC) by spending time with customers. Perform continuous discovery to understand the high value problems customers have, and the linkage of those problems to how customers make money. Connect key customer stakeholders and what our offerings do for them, and which needs drive purchase decisions. Evaluate sources of disruption and understand the customer decision journey and how to utilize key personas to transition to each step. Perform customer market segmentation analysis.

  • Value Proposition & Competitive Positioning. Succinctly write and communicate a quantified value proposition. Perform competitive analysis of HON products and services vs. the Next Best alternatives. Identify and state the target segment and problem to be solved in value propositions. Understand the value drivers and quantify them relative to the Next Best Alternative in value propositions. Coach others working with customer marketing (CM) & Commercial Excellence (CE) (i.e. Sales and Service) to communicate value propositions and their monetary values to the customer.

  • New Offering Management. Translate customer and business needs into actionable product requirements. Provide customer marketing with appropriate information on offering, target segments and value propositions for effective sales collateral and campaigns. Ensure requirements of each participating functions are accurately represented in the product plan.

  • Business Models & Pricing. Define the appropriate value capture model (one-time sale, subscription, service, outcome-based, etc.), establish pricing strategy based on appropriate value share relative to Next Best Alterative (NBA), and ensure implementation by the commercial excellence team. Leverage various business models and establish a pricing strategy and structure for the commercial teams. Develop financial models for new offering business plans, quantifying and balancing expected revenue against initial investment and ongoing fixed and variable costs to estimate internal rate of return (IRR) and projected margin, operating income, and revenue. Develop a negotiation walk to close a sale for/with sale. Utilize an MOS to track pricing – PVA (price-volume analysis), etc. Demonstrate VCM understanding and the linkage pricing has to VCM performance.

  • Portfolio Lifecycle Management. Understand, articulate, and own the financial impact for portfolio decisions (both P&L & balance sheet) and ensure alignment with business strategy. Generate and manage pipeline of new offering ideas beyond incremental product enhancements. Build and maintain a multiyear roadmap which includes a detailed 1-year plan and take action relative to changing market conditions, competitor actions and new entrants. Effectively manage products across their lifecycle from demand planning of new offerings through SIOP on ongoing basis through including managing End of Life (EoL). Apply 80/20 to portfolio to define offerings that should be sunset and appropriate pricing during sun setting and address sourcing factory utilization impacts.

    “Due to compliance with U.S. export control laws and regulations, candidate must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. permanent resident, or have asylum or refugee status in the U.S.”


  • 10+ years of experience in Product Management, Marketing, R&D/Engineering and/or in an offering-specific domain, with a track record of demonstrated, recognizable results.


  • An undergraduate degree is required, preferably in an analytical (e.g., economics, math, engineering, marketing, management, etc.) or technical discipline

  • Experience in Product Management, Marketing, Sales, R&D/Engineering, and Domain-specific,

  • complemented by formal training.

  • An MBA is not required but is preferred.

  • Demonstrated Honeywell 9 Behaviors

Honeywell is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality, sex, religion, or veteran status.