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KBR Special Ops Psychological/Mental Health Technician (27 SOW/Cannon AFB, NM) in Clovis, New Mexico


Special Ops Psychological/Mental Health Technician (27 SOW/Cannon AFB, NM)

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The Psychological Mental Health Technician shall assist with the management and treatment of outpatient behavioral health activities in support of POTFF’s Human Performance program for SOF personnel, with the priority on SOF Operators and Direct Combat Support personnel.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Primarily responsible, under the supervision of a licensed psychiatrist, social worker, psychiatric nurse or psychologist, for providing a wide range of behavioral health interventions from prevention to treatment to individuals and who assigns work by defining objectives, priorities, and deadlines, and provides guidance on assignments that do not have clear precedents.

  • Under the supervision of a credentialed provider, conduct intakes, assist with care and treatment of psychiatric, drug and alcohol patients, and counsel clients/patients with personal, behavioral or psychological problems.

  • Accomplish work on a substantially independent basis, performing a full range of standard and nonstandard work assignments and resolving a variety of non-recurring problems encountered on own initiative. Extensive guidelines are available; however, the contractor must use judgment in locating and selecting the most appropriate guideline for application to the work situation at hand. Unusual matters, which may not be specifically covered by policy statements or published regulations, shall be referred to the Government supervisor.

  • Observe patients to detect behavior patterns and reports observations to licensed behavioral health staff.

  • Lead prescribed individual or group therapy sessions as part of specific therapeutic procedures under the guidance of a licensed mental health professional.

  • As needed, complete initial intake interviews and complete required forms for new patients on behalf of the licensed mental health provider.

  • Collect and maintain monthly statistical data assigned work place.

  • Conduct intake interviews under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional.

  • Administers psychological tests, compiles data and prepares reports for psychological testing under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

  • Administer psychophysiological tests and assessments under the supervision of a licensed medical/mental health professional

  • Populate and maintain a computerized database that will contain the listing of all units within the HQ organization and identify the number of service members assigned to each unit/Directorate in order to compile monthly training statistics.

  • Prepare daily correspondence (i.e., training agendas, meeting agendas, purchase orders, clinical appointments).

  • Collect and maintain monthly statistical data assigned work place.

  • Prepare and maintain attendance rosters and statistical data for all active duty personnel who attended Social Work/Behavioral Health services.

  • Assist in developing program-operating instructions, works with providers to uncover inefficiencies, and makes recommendations for corrective action.

  • Make comparison reviews, to include office time sheets, to ensure program operations are managed within budget.

  • Be responsible for the development and implementation of appointment templates for clinical providers.

  • Place physical maintenance work orders and maintain hand receipts for physical property and inventory. Ensure proper supply stock levels and reorder as necessary including specialized behavioral health forms and tests.

  • Duties also involve assisting or independently gathering data for various presentations such as process improvements initiatives, longitudinal statistical tracking, hospitalizations, and discharges. Manipulates data and presents it using off the shelf software applications. Provide information via telephone and in person to the members of the Command, the professional staff, civilian and military personnel in response to inquiries regarding appointments.

  • Interface frequently with the Command’s family support organizations.

  • Maintain competency folders in accordance with program policy.

  • Coordinate attendance and agenda at Case Review Committee with military and civilian agencies.

  • Coordinate and reserve meeting location, verifies attendance and prepares current and tentative following weeks agenda.

  • Prepare open and closed case reports for required special handling of outpatient medical records in accordance with regulations.

  • Maintain a resource library for use by professional staff and customers. Library materials are selected with the intent of providing knowledge, ideas and support to practitioners in the fields of education, clinical social work and family studies.

  • Provide services to families desiring information on healthy family life and parenting skills.


  • Must have, or be able to obtain a Secret Clearance.

  • An associate degree or commensurate level of training, e.g. military mental health technician, for a psychiatric technician or mental health program assistant. Education requirement may be met by military or comparable training. If military trained, the individual’s specialty must be as a mental health technician / specialist.

  • The contractor shall have no less than 3 years’ experience as a psychiatric technician.

  • Must attend psychiatric technicians’ training which will provide a sound foundation / basis to psychology and/or social work to ensure the tech is prepared for the types of individuals and potential illnesses that they will likely deal with. This training shall also address the basics of conflict management, how to de-escalate crisis situations and individuals who are agitated, violent or potentially violent and/or suicidal.

  • Must attend training to learn how to intervene and, when required, to restrain violent or potentially violent or suicidal patients by verbal or physical means.

  • Must maintain current certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) as certified by the American Heart Association.

  • Must provide front and back proof of all training/certs/documentation.

    KBR is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, veteran status, genetic information, union status and/or beliefs, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.