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Aultman Health Foundation SURGICAL ASSISTANT - OPER ROOM in Canton, Ohio

Req# 29314 Aultman Health Foundation, CANTON, OH AULTMAN HOSPITAL Aultman Health Foundation Part Time, Varied Shifts, Varied, Weekend, On Call and Holiday Rotation PURPOSE OF POSITION As defined by the American College of Surgeons (ACS), the Surgical First Assistant provides aid in exposure, hemostasis, and other technical functions that will help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the patient. This role will vary considerably with the surgical procedure, specialty area, surgeon, and type of facility. RESPONSIBILITIES & EXPECTATIONS Preoperative Duties Performed to Assist the Surgeon for Maximum Patient Care, Safety, and Economy of Time 1. STERILE TECHNIQUE: A. Perform the appropriate preoperative skin scrub for the particular procedure and circumstance. B. Demonstrate the understanding of aseptic technique and sterile vs. non-sterile areas. C. Display surgical conscience for the safety of the patient, other employees and themselves. D. Wear appropriate barriers as outlined in the Infection Control Manual for protection against blood and body contamination of patient and self. 2. PREOPERATIVE PREPERATION OF THE PATIENT A. Demonstrate timely movement of the patient to the OR. B. Properly identifies the patient: 1. Verbally check with the patient (patient name, surgeon, and procedure) 2. Visually checks the ID band, chart, surgery schedule and bed tag. 3. Display a professional and courteous manner while reassuring the patient that asks questions; give support to the patient. 4. Respect the patient's confidentiality. C. Facilitate voluntarily in an assistant or non-assistant room, and work efficiently with the OR team, performing duties in an efficient and safe manner, proceeding smoothly throughout the day. D. Collect and properly display the appropriate x-rays. E. Properly measure patients for intra-operative procedures. F. Review patient chart. G. Assist anesthesia under direct supervision, if time permits. H. Properly bi-valve any cast that needs to be removed, having patient safety in mind at all times. I. Position the patient properly, being aware of and padding areas that require special protection, making adjustments for surgeon's preferences. J. Prepare and properly perform surgical preps and urethral catheter insertions. 1. Routinely inspects the surgical site to insure that a proper shave prep was performed according to the type of surgery and surgeon's preference. 2. Routinely verify any patient allergies and changes the prep solutions accordingly. 3. Display knowledge of the surgeon's preferences and prepare the prep tray in a sterile, economical, and uniform manner with the supplies needed. 4. Ready to insert the catheter and/or perform the skin prep when anesthesia permits. 5. Following skin preparation, checks that there is no pooling of fluids beneath the patient or near the Bovie pad. INTRA-OPERATIVE: The Ability to First or Second Assist Any Surgeon on Any Case With Minimum Difficulty 1. KNOT TYING a. Knots are square, secure and they approximate the tissue, do not slip, and have the correct number of knots required for that particular tissue. b. Is familiar with tensile strength using appropriate tension for the type of suture. c. Demonstrates dexterity and knowledge of one handed and two handed ties, surgeon's knot, and instrument ties in a smooth and efficient manner. 2. EXPOSURE OF INCISIONAL SITE a. Demonstrates skill and knowledge of maintaining hemostasis by proper use of pressure, clam