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Pauls Custom Landscaping Farm Worker in Calvert City, Kentucky

JOB DOES NOT START UNTIL March 15, 2023. APPLICANT SHOULD RECEIVE A COPY OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION AND JOB REFERRAL BEFORE CALLING THE CONTACT. Workers should be physically able to meet and perform the work outlined in the contract for the entire period of time from 03/15/2023 to 12/20/2023. Wages are paid weekly. The employer guarantees to offer a least 3/4 of the hours listed and pay the adverse effect wage rate. For Kentucky the rate is \$14.26 per hour for 2023. Worker\'s compensation insurance will be provided. The employer must provide free housing and three meals a day or furnish free convenient cooking kitchen facilities to all workers who are not reasonably able to return to their residence the same day. If the employer elects to provide meals, a maximum of \$14.00 per day may be charged to the employee. Nursery Work: The tasks to be performed will include hoeing, operating mowing and trimming equipment and chopping weeds from around trees, shrubs and other plantings. In addition these trees, shrubs and other plantings may need to be staked and trimmed prior to customer delivery. Finally all trees, shrubs and other plantings will need to be moved from the fields, to the loading area. At the nursery, plants need to be prepared for planting and then actually potted or planted. Tools and Equipment: The employer will furnish, without charge, all tools, supplies, and equipment required in the performance of the specified work. Alternative Work Alternative work includes: preparing sheds, draining fields, preparing land for planting, maintenance of tools and equipment, and other work that is directly related to growing nursery products. Such work will be offered when climate or crop conditions preclude working in the primary activities stated above. Employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. May be required to submit a criminal background check, at no cost to the worker.