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Idaho Department of Labor Bee Keeper and Farm Laborer in Caldwell, Idaho

This job was posted by https://idahoworks.gov : For more information, please see: https://idahoworks.gov/jobs/1921671

Dates of Need: 1/28/2023-11/15/2023. All other duties assigned under this order will be those duties of Farm Worker and Laborer Crop, Nursery, and Greenhouse, under the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics Standard. The lifting requirement for this position is 70 pounds. Beekeeping duties: split, medicate and check bee health, harvest honey, pollinate, re-queen, etc. General farm work, farm field/shed sanitation duties include, trimming pasture and fields, painting and repairing farm buildings, digging ditches, repairing buildings and fences, and ag equipment and machinery used on the farm. Irrigation duties include digging corrugates and setting siphon tubes and checking fields on a regular basis. Must have 3 months of experience with commercial beekeeping. Workers may be stung by bees (must not be allergic to bees or insect stings). Will be exposed to tree and plant pollens and outdoors. Must be able to climb, walk, bend and kneel for long periods of time.

General Job Specifications:\ 1.Must be able to perform all duties within this job description in what can be considered a safe manner adhering to all established farm safety guidelines, practices, and procedures.\ 2.Must wear all required and assigned personal protective equipment always when required to do so. Employees must wear proper clothing and footwear depending on the season.\ All footwear must be closed-toe due to safety precautions. Workers may not use a cellphone or handheld device while operating equipment\ 3.The employer or designated employee will provide instructions and general supervision. Employees will be expected to conform to the specific instructions given for each days work.\ 4.Workers are expected to be on-premises and ready to begin work at the beginning of their scheduled shift. If a worker will be absent or late, they must let the Manager or Foreman\ know as soon as possible, but in all cases, before the scheduled shift begins. The worker may leave a voicemail stating the reason for being absent or late and, if possible a phone number where they may be reached.\ 5.Employees will be required to attend an orientation on workplace rules, policies and safety information.\ 6.All worksites covered by this clearance order and all facilities of the employer are drug-free workplaces. Employees must not report for work, enter employers property, or perform\ service while under the influence of or having used illegal controlled substances. Employees must not report for work or perform service while under the influence of or impaired by\ prescription drugs, medications, alcohol, or other substances that may in any way adversely affect their alertness, coordination, reaction response, or safety.\ 7.No non-employees will be permitted in or adjacent to the worksite. In particular, no children may be present at or adjacent to work sites or left in vehicles during the workday.\ Employees arriving at work with non-working children or other non-employees will be sent home.\ 8.Employees who are eligible for employer-provided housing will have employer arranged transportation from the housing to the worksite