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Colorado Department Of Corrections CDOC Food Service Supervisor in Buena Vista, Colorado

Description of Job This Correctional Support Trades Supervisor I (CSTS I) is a Food Service (FS) Supervisor in a Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) prison facility. Position oversees the production of meal services for an inmate population which could range from 600 to 7500 meals daily. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: ensuring the safety and security of the public, facility staff and inmates; ensuring efficient meal service to include medical and/or religious diets during assigned shift and supervising inmate work crews in the daily kitchen operations; ensuring sanitation and compliance with all applicable regulations, standards and guidelines and ensuring appropriate use of resources and inventory. The FS Supervisor prepares inmates for community re-entry by promoting the Colorado Department of Corrections Mission and Vision while adhering to a high level of integrity a

Safety & Security - position maintains safety and security by training and guiding staff and inmates in key, tool and chemical control; performs inmate counts, shakedowns, searches, escorts, movement control, inmate access to kitchen and the proper application of restraints and force. Through conscientious observation and adherence to agency Administrative Regulations and the Code of Penal Discipline, position promotes a safe and secure work environment.

Operations - position ensures the safe, secure, compliant and effective completion of all phases of food service production within a correctional kitchen, to include preparation (for current and future meal service), cooking/portioning, and sanitation. The Food Service Supervisor follows prescribed menus and recipes, instructs inmate workers in the proper methods and procedures to execute efficient meal service within limited time constraints; monitors progress and ensures accurate production and completion of post production tasks. The food service program offers a full range menu and prepares large scale standardized recipes from raw ingredients. Food preparation may include regular, special, religious, and modified medical diets and a full service bakery; Position tracks usage and keeps appropriate inventory, orders products, oversees expenses and waste in order to maintain efficient and effective use of resources.

Supervision - position provides supervision of assigned inmate workers; promoting a high level of performance by setting the work standard according to agency mission, vision and values. Participates in the hiring of inmates, trains and instructs inmates in the science of baking, cooking techniques, sanitation and proper use of tools and equipment. Creates schedules, assigns work and conducts job evaluations; monitors hours, posts wages and updates records. Exemplifies a professional workforce that embodies honesty, integrity and ethical behavior. Position provides real life, meaningful work experience to prepare inmates for community re-entry.

Sanitation & Compliance - position ensures a sanitary, healthy workplace by following standard food handling guidelines during preparation, service and storage. Ensures all food service workers follow proper production procedures and hygiene rules. Position ensures all food service equipment is kept in working order and that kitchen is kept clean and sanitized. The FS Supervisor follows and ensures inmate adherence to all relevant guidelines, standards, rules and regulations.

Budget/Inventory - position tracks usage, expenses and waste in order to keep food service operations within allotted budget; uses due diligence to discover likely areas of waste and implements changes to control waste and/or theft. Position monitors inventory levels, usage, goods, places orders and checks deliveries. Position may be required to work additional hours or shifts to maintain meal service and security; Position works in close proximity to industrial equipment and in a relatively l ud and busy atmosphere; Position is trained in the use of oleoresin capsicum, self defense techniques and public safety two-way radios.

Minimum Qualifications

Four (4) years of employment experience participating in food preparation and/or cooking. (Please be specific on your application regarding your job duties that were related to food preparation and/or cooking.)


Applicant may meet the four (4) year requirement with a combination of work experience as follows:

A minimum of two (2) years of employment experience participating in food preparation and/or cooking may be combined with correctional experience for a total of at least four (4) years.

** Correctional experience must be security related duties where primary responsibilities throughout a shift, include monitoring and controlling inmate movement throughout their daily schedules, discovering and preventing contraband and responding to emergencies; ensuring proper key/tool/chemical/equipment control, use, storage and accountability; advising inmates in matters concerning work, programs, appropriate behavior and decision making in order to prepare them for successfu


Applicant may meet the four (4) year requirement with a combination of work experience as follows:

A minimum of two (2) years of employment experience participating in food preparation and/or cooking may be combined with two (2) years employment experience in the hospitality industry, for a total of at least four (4) years.