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Texas State Job Bank Employer Campus Nurse, RN in BRYAN, Texas

Primary Purpose:iTo strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving, protecting and monitoring the health status of children and assistance in the removal or modification of health related barriers to the learning process for individual children.To provide school health-related care to Bryan ISD students including regular education students and students in the Special Education Program.Major Responsibilities and Duties:Align the major functions of the assignment with district goals such that all students succeed.1. Comply with confidentiality requirements as set by HIPAA, FERPA, federal, state and local regulations.i2. Practice within the defined limits of the Texas Nurse Practice Act.3. Comply with federal, state and local laws/regulations governing school health.4. Comply with all Bryan ISD policies and procedures.5. Provide temporary and emergency care for the sick and injured students or staff members.6. Perform nursing procedures and/or treatment to regular education students, Special Education students and/or special needs students as directed by policy and procedure and/or physician orders.7. Perform screening procedures as required by state law for the Bryan ISD students.i8. Monitor the health status of Bryan ISD students.9. Assess student health problems and make appropriate referrals.10. Serve as a health advocate for the student and a health liaison between school, physician, parents, and community.11. Work in partnership with students, teachers, parents, family physicians and other community health resources as needed.12. Notify parents/guardians of accident or illness. Provide emergency care according to district policy and procedure.i If parents or emergency contact cannot be reached, secure emergency care for students in emergent cases.i Notify appropriate district/campus administrator and nursing supervisor of EMS calls immediately after the situation is resolved.13. Follow the established guidelines to count, administer and document medication given in the clinic following federal, state and district requirements.14. Follow the established guidelines and district policies and procedures to document health care and maintain complete and accurate documentation of all nursing care and activities within the scope of school nursing. Maintain documentation as required for Medicaid billing on special needs students.15. Comply with federal, state and local immunization requirements.16. Participate on district and/or campus committees.i Examples include: School Health Advisory Committee, Crisis Management, Nursing Leadership Team, Special Education Admissions, Review andiDismissal (ARD) Committee, Child Abuse Prevention, Health Promotion and other committees as required.17. Participate in staff meetings and professional activities.18. Promote health by conducting health-related education opportunities.i19. Mentor vocational nursing and registered nursing students.20. Complete mandated Continuing Education Units (CEU) to maintain current license.21. Maintain current CPR/First Aid/AED certification.22. Maintain current Vision/Hearing and Scoliosis screening certification.23. Submit timely reports according to Bryan ISD guidelines and/or by the Nursing Supervisor request.i Examples of reports may include but not limited to accident/incident reports, immunization reports, screening reports and statistical data on student visits and communicable diseases.24. Maintain adequate clinic supplies.25. Report potential health/safety hazards in school to the campus administrator and/or nursing supervisor.i26. Report communicable diseases to Department of State Health Services according to their policy.27. Proficient Computer skills are required to complete clinic reports and maintain health records.28. Perform other activities/duties as directed by the campus administrator and/or nursing supervisor.29. Recognize that campus assignment and duties may change without notice at any time due to district needs.i Flexibili