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H2A Farmworker Crop / Eddie Kern in Brooksville, Kentucky

FIELD CROP WORKERS: APPLICANT MUST RECEIVE A COPY OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION AND JOB REFERRAL BEFORE CALLING EMPLOYER CONTACT.JOB DOES NOT START UNTIL, April 22, 2024All workers should be physically able to meet and perform the work outlined in the contract for the entire period of time from 04/22/2024 to 11/15/2024 . Workers will seed, fertilize, , cut, house and store hay.. May also prepare barns and land for hay production. Do maintenance of tools and equipment related to growing of hay and small grain crops. Worker should be able to bend, stoop and stand on their feet for long periods of time. Work will be performed during light rain and in high humidity and in temperatures ranging from 100 degrees to 35 degrees F. Workers will pick up square bales in field ,load onto truck or wagon for transportation to storage area.The confirmed prevailing rate for cutting and housing of hay for 2024 is $15.14 and all other activities. Wages are paid weekly. The employer guarantees to offer a least 3/4 of the hours listed in the contract. Worker's compensation insurance will be provided. The employer must provide free housing and three meals a day or furnish free convenient cooking kitchen facilities to all workers who are not reasonably able to return to their residence the same day. If the employer elects to provide meals, a maximum of $15.46 per day may be charged to the employee. The employer will provide the necessary tools, supplies and equipment at no cost to the worker. Alternative work includes: preparing sheds, draining fields, preparing land for planting, maintenance of tools and equipment. Planting, cultivating, and harvesting row crops. Preparation of straw and hay: soil preparation, operation of tillage, harvesting, and cutting equipment. Hauling and storage of hay/straw. Preparing barns, draining fields, and preparing land for planting. Workers may be asked to submit to random drug testing.