Experience Inc. Jobs

Job Information

Fruit of the Loom 2nd Shift Shipping Forklift Driver in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Description/Job Summary

This person operates a battery or LPG powered forklift throughout the distribution center and is responsible for moving product throughout the Distribution Center.


  • Drives battery or LPG powered forklift equipped with lifting devices to push, pull, lift, stack , tier or move materials or equipment between areas or departments throughout the Distribution Center for storage and/or retrieval purposes.

  • May inventory materials on work floor and supply workers with materials as needed.

  • May load or unload materials onto or off of pallets, skids, cages or lifting device. May pick up cage with high-bay truck. Putaway cartons into reserve storage locations. Move to locations with high-bay truck; place carton into location; scan carton barcode and label barcode to move cartons electronically from personal card location to reserve location

  • Operates RF display to obtain instruction for stock placement or retrieval.

  • Forklift operator is responsible for correcting pallets in error. Operator obtains pallet and transports pallet to nearest terminal. Scanning pallet and/or case labels, operator does a pallet or case inquiry to determine action required to correct the error. Once error has been corrected, forklift operator obtains the pallet and transports it to the proper location. May scan cage barcode with RF unit to move cartons electronically from cage location to personal card location

  • Completes daily forklift service form for routine maintenance or malfunctions.

  • Visually scan all pallets / slip sheets for damaged cases, broken pallets, or improperly palletized cases that could result in safety or quality issues.

Required Experience

6 months experience as a licensed Forklift driver or at least 3 months service to company in an entry level capacity.

Required Qualifications

Must pass written and driving tests given by facility to obtain lift license according to FTL standards