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State of Massachusetts Director of Data Analytics in Boston, Massachusetts

The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) is an agency focused on building a coordinated, comprehensive system of early education and care services in Massachusetts. EEC’s mission is to lead the way in helping Massachusetts’ children and families reach their full potential. By providing and coordinating a range of services and assistance, EEC will continuously improve the quality, affordability and accessibility of early education and care in the Commonwealth. EEC Seeks to hire a Director of Data Analytics to manage the agency’s efforts to centralize, organize and set priorities for data use and analytic supports. The Director of Data Analytics works directly with the Associate Commissioner for Research and Program Innovation and plays a key role in coordinating the work of the Department and aligning it to the Commissioner’s defined goals, both internally and externally. The integration of a data driven culture within all aspects of the agency’s work has been prioritized. To achieve successful and consistent use of data across the agency, the incumbent will progress on the following goals. 1. Develop the agency’s data analytic capacity by increasing the availability of direct data analytic and data visualization support, to track progress on key metrics identified in both agency’s strategic plan and those specific to the work of particular divisions. 2. Develop data reports and reporting systems that meet the identified needs of stakeholders (internal and external) in response to agency priorities. 3. Leverage improvements being made in the agency’s data architecture to also improve data quality and better support both EEC’s ongoing analytic needs 4. Provide consistent support to internal and external stakeholders in understanding the data available from EEC, including information about data quality, accessibility and meaning. Detailed Statement of Duties and Responsibilities: The Director of Data Analytics will lead the agency’s efforts to improve internal and external data access and data analytic capacity. This position will be responsible for providing strategic direction around the development of systems to better communicate, share and analyze EEC transactional data. Attention will also be paid to the development and maintenance of any supplemental data collection required to track the success of key initiatives. The Director will provide leadership in designing and implementing the analytic supports necessary to facilitate a culture of data driven decision making within the agency. Success in this position will require ongoing communication with agency leadership and staff and external stakeholders around data needs, coordination with EEC and EOE IT staff and contractors to develop a deep understanding of EEC data and data architecture and collaboration with leadership and staff to build responsive data analytic and dashboarding support. Duties will include the following: * Builds Data Analytic Capacity * Identifies and works with EEC leadership to prioritize data analytic needs, including: o Tracking the effectiveness of program support investments o Understanding the efficacy of EEC policies in supporting access to early education and out of school time care o Guiding the development and implementation of fieldwide formula-based funding designed to improve the stability of the early education and care field and the investments in educators to support quality and o Benchmarking success on indicators identified in EEC’s strategic plan. * Provides data analytic support as per identified priorities. * Informs the Associate Commissioner for Research and Program Innovation on the internal capacity necessary to meet the agency’s data analytic needs and leads the development of a data analytics unit. * Supervises contractors and fellows assigned to the data analytic unit. * Improves internal & external data access. * Provides technical assistance to EEC staff in understanding the data available, developing and submitting data requests. * Leads the development and maintenance of supplemental datasets identified by leadership as necessary to support ongoing analytic needs, including: o A system to track program professional development supports provided by EEC grantees and contractors o Management of the contracted development of an analytic database focused on understanding the supply and demand for early education and out of school time care o Collaboration with EOE on the development of a dataset tracking participation in state-funded programs for children birth to five and the development of a longitudinal data system across the Department of Higher Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and EEC * Supports reviews of data quality and advise leadership on approaches to improving data quality. * Reviews and documents existing agency policies and practices related to data collection, data sharing and research, and identify necessary improvements. * Collaborates with external researchers and stakeholders to understand data needs, provides support in data access and develop more efficient and responsive practices for data sharing. Preferred Qualifications: Successful applicants will demonstrate the following: * Experience using state data systems or similar administrative data from other agencies or organizations. * Knowledge of functions and capabilities of databases and database software. * Proficiency with excel and data analytic software. * Familiarity with data visualization tools such as Power BI and/ or Tableau. * Experience with state policy work, preferably in the education or early education field. * Demonstrated skills to provide superior service in a client or customer relationship, e.g. active listening, developing relationships, structuring problems and creating solutions collaboratively, etc. * Success working with a range of diverse stakeholders and tailoring approach and communication to successfully meet project goals and timelines. * Excellent written and oral communication skills * Experience in a management role, overseeing projects from conceptualization to completion and supervising staff. In addition to the criteria outlined above, a successful applicant for this role is likely to demonstrate ability/experience in one or more of the following: * Advanced degree or professional experience with database management, data-driven research, educational research, management analysis, program analysis, financial analysis, budget analysis, methods analysis, economic analysis, program administration or program management. * Knowledge of educational research methods, including familiarity with early education research and policy. * One or more of the following technical abilities would be preferred: o Familiarity with data modeling concepts such as entity-relationship diagrams (ERD), primary and foreign keys, cardinality o Basic knowledge of SQL or use of end-user tools to browse data o Familiarity with SalesForce.com platforms * Adept at effectively managing multiple priorities in high-demand environment * Strong ability to analyze problems and take initiative in generating strategic solutions. * Demonstrated success working independently and collaboratively Questions regarding this posting may be directed to Jillian Auerbach in Human Resources atjillian.g.auerbach@mass.gov MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have at least (A) five (5) years of full-time or, equivalent part-time, professional, administrative, supervisory, or managerial experience in business administration, business management, public administration, public management, clinical administration or clinical management of which (B) at least one (1) year must have been in a project management, supervisory or managerial capacity or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and substitutions below. Substitutions: I. A certificate in a relevant or related field may be substituted for one (1) year of the required (A) experience. II. A Bachelor’s degree in a related field may be substituted for two (2) years of the required (A) experience. III. A Graduate degree in a related field may be substituted for three (3) years of the required (A) experience. IV. A Doctorate degree in a related field may be substituted for four (4) years of the required (A) experience. An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Job: Education* *Organization: Department of Early Education and Care *Title: *Director of Data Analytics Location: Massachusetts-Boston - 50 Milk St Requisition ID: 210005AN