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Cummins Inc. Technical Specialist - Digital Engineering software engineer 技术专家-数字工程软件工程师 in Beijing, China

Technical Specialist - Digital Engineering software engineer 技术专家-数字工程软件工程师


  • 该应用技术职位创造作为康明斯产品不可或缺的部分出售的软件。 担任这些职位的人员将参与软件的规格制定、设计、实施、测试和/或发布,而该软件可控制康明斯产品在各种客户应用中的运作。

  • 调查嵌入式软件问题、了解因果机制、提出适当措施、制定问题解决方案并记录结果。

  • 运用并改进嵌入式软件开发流程和工具。相关流程包括基于模型的开发、编码、编译及测试。相关工具包括 Simulink、代码编辑器、集成工具、策略分析工具、编译器及环路测试工具硬件。

  • 征求产品和软件开发团队意见并与其磋商,并向产品团队提供已验证软件功能、组件和构建。

  • 在影响软件子系统质量和性能及功能类别的软件要求、架构、设计、实施及测试方面制定决策。

  • 负责审查经验不足的开发人员/测试人员的工作,以确保设计稳健、可重复使用及有效

  • 独立领导对业务影响较小的项目,或拥有高级或首席工程师水平不明确性较高且由项目团队承担全部责任的复杂组件、产品、系统或服务。

  • 独立执行既定及新兴工作流程和系统,同时发展技术或产品知识。

  • 领导某个业务部站点职能部门专业领域的工作流程和系统开发和改进。

  • 协调和指导技术员和学生临时员工的工作,通过间接(影响范围)或直接管理当地小型工程师团队协助向经验不足的工程师传授相关知识。

  • 提供支持和指导以影响项目团队内部的技术指导,并持续提高对在该职位取得成功至关重要的能力。

  • 作为中间团队内部某个专业或产品领域的公认专家。



  • Embedded Software Design and Construction - Constructs embedded software using industry best practices and robust software engineering principles; verifies software updates to ensure quality products.

  • Product Failure Mode Avoidance - Mitigates potential product failure modes, by identifying interfaces, functions, functional requirements, interactions, control factors, noise factors, and prioritized potential failure modes and potential failure causes for the system of interest to effectively and efficiently improve the reliability of Cummins’ products.

  • Product Function Modeling, Simulation and Analysis - Impacts product design decisions through the utilization and/or interpretation of computational tools and methods that predict the capability of a product's function relative to its system, sub-system and/or component level requirements.

  • Product Platform Planning and Architecting - Creates and develops a holistic product platform including key architectural feature and function variants needed to align with market level product plans of future target markets; generates alternative architectures traceable to the requirements and performs trade-off analysis in collaboration with life-cycle stakeholders to ensure a balanced and optimum platform; communicates and maintains traceable information and plans executed by product development teams.

  • Product Verification and Validation Management - Develops product systems validation plans from a variety of inputs to identify failure modes, while managing product risk and relative priority; negotiates product requirements against capability to guide project scope; evaluates analytical, simulation and physical test results to verify product capability and validate requirements; assesses legacy versus proposed system solution capabilities and produces recommendations with technical documentation to support product decisions.

  • System Requirements Engineering - Uses appropriate methods and tools to translate stakeholder needs into verifiable requirements to which designs are developed; establishes acceptance criteria for the system of interest through analysis, allocation and negotiation; tracks the status of requirements throughout the system lifecycle; assesses the impact of changes to system requirements on project scope, schedule, and resources; creates and maintains information linkages to related artifacts.

  • Systems Thinking - Defines the system of interest by drawing the boundaries, identifying its context within its environment, its interfaces, and that it has a lifecycle to aid in planning the problem statement, scope and deliverables ; analyzes linkages and interactions between elements that comprise the system of interest by using appropriate methods, models and integration of outcomes to understand the system, predict its behavior and devise modifications to it in order to produce the desired effects.

  • Builds networks - Effectively building formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the organization.

  • Communicates effectively - Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences.

  • Decision quality - Making good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward.

  • Drives results - Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.

  • Manages complexity - Making sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems.

  • Resourcefulness - Securing and deploying resources effectively and efficiently.

Education, Licenses, Certifications

  • College, university, or equivalent Bachelor's degree in Engineering or appropriate STEM field is required.

  • Post-graduate (Master's) degree relevant to this discipline area may be required for select roles.

  • This position may require licensing for compliance with export controls or sanctions regulations.


  • Prior Senior or Lead Engineer equivalent work experience in a relevant discipline area is required with a demonstrated track record of technical problem solving and quality decision making. Knowledge of MS Office tools is preferred

  • Profound knowledge on software development with C/C++/Python/Shell.

  • Profound knowledge on embedded Linux software development(IPC, UBoot, Driver, FileSystem…), Container(Docker) application, Cross Compile Tools and small tools development.

  • Experienced in key automotive software frameworks and service orientated communication stacks: MQTT, DDS, CyberRT, AUTOSAR AP

  • Experienced in cloud based functions development;

  • Experienced in automotive bus CAN(UDS /J1939) and Ethernet Software stacks.

  • Work experience of smart device Android/IOS development is plus;

Job 工程

Primary Location 中国-北京-Beijing - ZH-CN-China, Beijing, CUMMINS HQ

Job Type 熟练工

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Experienced

Job Posting 2023-4-6, 下午01:00:00

Unposting Date 进行中

Organization Corporate

Req ID: 2300038V