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Northern Light Health Supv- Clinical Staff/RN in Bangor, Maine

Job Description Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Department: General Surgery Clinic Position is located: Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Work Type: Full Time FTE: 1.00 Work Schedule: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Summary: Provides nursing care in busy physician practice. Responsible for patient safety patient flow, patient satisfaction and quality patient care. Responsible for administering clinical staff performance evaluations and for documented competency of clinical staff. Responsibilities: PEOPLE 1.Demonstrates effective and courteous Customer, Physician/Practice Staff, and other hospital staff communication skills. Answers all calls promptly and courteously. Responds to and resolves issues promptly through effective communications. Uses appropriate chain of command. Feedback is provided in a constructive manner. 2. Participates in problem solving groups as requested. 3. Participates in interviews for open positions with Practice Supervisor/Manager & Lead Physician. 4. Ensures license/certification staff credentials are current. SERVICE 1. 100% documented evidence of attendance of staff/department meetings, and/or reading/initializing minutes, memos, and postings. 2. Demonstrates effective leadership skills 3. Maintain appropriate utilization of skill mixes, down staffing when appropriate, on a daily basis. Originates and adjusts the staff assignments with consideration of skill mix, staff ability, and patient acuity. Approves schedule (or delegate to Front Desk/Office Coordinator), granting PEP requests when able to cover positions with appropriate skill mix. 4. Provides input to the Practice Manager/Lead Physicians for purpose of annual staff evaluations . 5. Oversees the "Communication Book. (if applicable) 6. Precepts new staff, students and residents during orientation and beyond. 7. Participates in special projects/studies in collaboration with the Lead Physician and Practice/Office Manager. 8. Collaborates with staff to identify educational needs, specific to the clinic and makes those offerings available. 9. Collects, reviews and documents patient's current health status and history according to standard. 10.Updates, implements and evaluates interventions according to policy, procedure and current practice. 11. Is knowledgeable in preparing patients to be seen in specialty clinics. Documents all aspects of the nursing service according to hospital and practice standards. 12. Performs and documents results of point of care testing and appropriate interventions, EKG's, visual acuity, audiometry, NST, tympanometry, peak flow, nebulizer treatment, pulse oximetry, wound dressings and ear irrigations are performed and documented per practice guidelines. 13.Functions as an Office Nurse in unexpected vacancies, e.g., telephone triage, prescription refills, appointment scheduling. 14. Oversees Patient Flow Through the Practice: 15. Prepares patient to see provider per protocol. 16. DX and ED records are present in the chart when patient is examined. Patient's status in the clinic is appropriately documented per protocol. Medication Reconciliation is completed per EMMC policy. 17. Providers are assisted with procedures (Pap smear, breast exams, rectal exams, etc.) per policy. 18. If active, Joint Practice Protocols for acute patients are followed per protocol & documented. 19. STAT orders are handled first. 20. Checks completing of all orders at the end of the shift or delegates. 21. Appropriate patient teaching (explanation of test results, medication side effects, medication reactions, and dosages). 22. Follow-up visits are scheduled at time of discharge, per protocol and Patient/Family, etc., is notified of next appointment. 23. Assist physicians with admissions by calling registration, call report to the Unit, photocopy all practice documentation to go with the patient, arrange transport. Completes all paperwork and sends with patient. 24. Accepts telephone orders within scope of practice or delegates when appropriate, and documents , and reads back the order. 25. Performs ongoing patient assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of patient care by effectively implementing the care and teaching plan in collaboration with provider. 26. Assists with minor surgical procedures. 27. Recognizes and responds appropriately to emergency situations, including making appropriate calls, directing traffic and obtaining equipment. Helps coordinate fire drills, incident reporting via Peminic. 28. Annually reviews Emergency Plan at Practice Staff Meeting. 29. Does monthly checks of emergency equipment. 30. Participates in and/or delegates daily maintenance of working environment (e.g., cleaning, stocking of rooms). 31. Schedules are prepared in advance of patient days (or delegated). Updated at least twice per session to keep provider(s) informed of schedule. Schedule indicates room assignment, lab assignment, holding room and designated patient flow monitor. 32. Utilizes skill in identifying processes that enhance delivery of service excellence to customers and appropriately disseminates that information. 33. Assist with updating practice policies and procedures. 34. Provides patients and/or family, etc. with education appropriate to identified needs according to standard and documents into the patient's record. Educational handouts are given in advance of the visit as requested by the provider 35. Documents patient readiness to learn and barriers to learning. 36. Counsels patients to care for or cope with his/her condition: Gives instruction for self care regarding dressing changes, medications, urine or blood testing, dietary, counseling, B/P checks, age appropriate. 37. Duties are adequately performed as needed or seeks out supervisor for guidelines. 38. Orders, distributes and return clinical supplies for practice. 39. Organizes medication sample room and logs. QUALITY 1. 100% compliance of: iCARE, (complete annually at least seven days prior evaluation), Employee Updates, and any other in-services, meetings and training as assigned. 2. Maintains RN licensure in accordance with Maine State Board of Nursing. 3. Participates in multidisciplinary committee work that relates to unit practice 4. Coordinates patient care from a quality perspective. 5. Checks with staff at intervals to see that they are progressing with their assignments and will be completing their workload on schedule. When possible/necessary, arranges for assistance so they can finish on time. 6. Responsible for competency training of all clinical staff. Ensures staff attends mandatory in-services and other staff. Staff development programs as time/budget allows. 7. Follows appropriate procedure for obtaining/returning/cleaning/disposing of equipment and supplies. 8. Demonstrates correct technique in the use of equipment, according to specific product information and EMMC's policy and procedure manuals. 9. Is responsible for unit cleanliness, maintaining a neat and safe environment. 10. Administers and documents medications, according to nursing policy and procedure following the 5 Rights: 1. Right Patient 2. Right Medication 3. Right Time 4. Right Route 5. Right Dose 11. Initiates and maintains IV therapy according to EMMC policy and procedure manual. 12. Performs and documents results of blood glucose monitoring and appropriate interventions/ 13. Ensures sterile technique(s) are maintained. 14. Patient and room are ready when the provider arrives. Consent is signed and available. Room and supplies are processed according to EMMC Infection Control policies. Time out verification is completed per policy. 15. Specimens are labeled in front of the patient. No prelabeling of specimens occurs. Appropriate screening and patient education occurs post procedure. 16. Immunizations are scheduled and administered according to practice guidelines and documented. 17. Medication errors are reported to provider and supervision immediately. Information is entered into Peminic. 18. Adverse reactions are referred to provider ASAP - do ADR. 19. Initiates chart audit for use in evaluations, looking at appropriate patient documentation of phone calls, medication administration, etc. 21. Demonstrates competency with all audits assigned. 22. Walk-in patients are triaged according to protocol. 25. Blood pressure checks are performed and documented per policy. 26. Patient Confidentiality is protected at all times. 27. Demonstrates an ongoing awareness of, and participation in, the Quality Assessment and Improvement Program. 28. Ensures compliance in practice for completion of timely evaluations, Icare,and employee update attendance by running reports and giving timely reports to leadership. 29. Reports variance from expected outcomes and communicates changes in patient's conditions to the provider in a timely manner. 30. Assists with the practice's pharmacy inspections. 31. In responsible for tracking refrigerator temps, eye wash station, checking emergency lights and fire extinguishers where necessary. 32. Monitors and ensures compliance with EMMC & Joint Commission standards as it pertains to office practice. FINANCE 1. Holds self and staff members accountable to finish their work on time 95% of the time, avoiding overtime. 2. Follows process to get approval of over time. 3.. Patient's fee ticket is reviewed before the patient leaves the practice. 4.. All medications and treatments are documented on fee ticket. 5. Assists Practice leader with development of budget as it pertains to clinical needs. GROWTH 1. Has documented evidence of continuing education appropriate to level of practice and certifications. 2. Attends monthly Divisional Clinical Staff Meetings. Discusses information with office manager and presents new information at departmental clinical staff meetings. Other information: BLS Required. Competencies and skills: Essential: * 3+ years of relative work experience required. * Fosters Innovation: Employs and encourages the use of meaningful creativity in solving challenges. Proactively identifies opportunities and uses new approaches to enhance processes, systems and services. When appropriate, suggests or initiates new strategies, products, services, and markets. Credentials: Essential: * Registered Nurse Education: Essential: * Bachelor's Degree Working conditions: Essential: * Work with computers, typing, reading or writing. * Extend body and limbs to reach items. * Lifting, moving and loading 20 to 30 pounds. * Continuous walking. Position Supv- Clinical Staff/RN Location US:ME:Bangor Req ID 2875