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Hyatt Revenue Manager in BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, Mexico


What defines us

Unlike Cabo, Rancho is a place that is absolutely committed to delivering a genuine Baja experience. The grounds take you on a true Baja journey, from desert to arroyo to dunes to beach to ocean. The plantings and gardens are overseen by a PhD botanist to ensure the flora is native and sustainable. The food draws from the local abundance and delivers with character and flair. The textures, materials, art and design all connect to this place, and only this place. When you're here, you couldn't be anywhere else in the world.

Compared to nearby competitors, Rancho delivers a true sense of freedom and expansiveness. It's a "land" unto itself where you can truly wander. A place where you can discover your own special spots. Where you don't feel cloistered or scrutinized. A place where you can make your own rules and shape your own journey.

At Rancho, "wellness" isn't a thing you do; it's a state of mind you naturally achieve while here. It's waking up to the crash of the surf. It's sunset evenings on the beach. It's harvesting fresh-grown vegetables for an afternoon salad. It's a perfectly mixed drink (or three). It's a run on the beach followed by a treatment at the spa. It's time with friends. It's spending all day doing nothing. It's an inevitable part of your stay.

And, at a fundamental level, everything at Rancho is just more. More physical space. More experiences. More natural beauty. More beach. More character. More joy.

This position is looking for a candidate that fulfills the following responsibilities and qualifications:

Manage and oversee revenue management analysis functions to produce reports that support the evaluation of the hotel's business strategies.

Provide guidance and support to sales and marketing initiatives that are targeted to meet the needs of the Hotel.

Produce accurate revenue forecasts that assist in setting goals.

Leadership qualities to act as a mentor in developing and guiding department team members such as revenue analysts, managers, supervisors and reservation agents.

Will analyze current Hotel revenue generation trends in order to identify critical areas for revenue improvement.

Will assist the Leadership Committee in developing integrated solutions that will enable the Hotel to leverage increased profitability through "Smart Business" and revenue management practices, focusing on revenue engineering, primarily for the Rooms Division department and other profit centers for the Hotel, such as Food & Beverage.

You will actively participate in the formulation and presentation of the Annual Business Plan.

Will assist in improving efficiency in cost control.

Assist in monthly and weekly RE-FORECASTING.

Will assist in cost management for better performance.

Will assist in ensuring that all Hotel, corporate and local rules, policies and regulations pertaining to financial record keeping, money handling and licensing are complied with, including timely and accurate reporting of financial information.


  1. Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar position.

  2. Will be technically proficient in the management of all revenue related systems. This is not limited exclusively to the Hospitality Industry in terms of Revenue Management Systems, Central Reservation Systems, Sells & Catering, Passkey and Cognos, as well as any other business intelligence tools.

  3. Have an intermediate to proficient skill level in the use of Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word, Access, Power Point and Outlook.

Primary Location: MX-Baja California Sur

Organization: Rancho Pescadero Resort and Spa

Job Level: Full-time

Job: Administrative

Req ID: BAJ000013

Hyatt is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, religion, disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship status or any other group protected by law.