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Please paste the following URL into a browser to view the entire job posting in the CAPPS Career Section: https://capps.taleo.net/careersection/ex/jobdetail.ftl?job=00014345You may apply to the job directly through the CAPPS Career Section. It is not necessary to apply both through Work In Texas and CAPPS Career Section PLEASE NOTE: All applications must contain complete job histories, which includes job title, dates of employment, name of employer, supervisors name and phone number and a description of duties performed. If this information is not submitted, your application may be rejected because it is incomplete. Resumes do not take the place of this required information.SUBMITTED THROUGH WORK IN TEXAS: Work In Texas (WIT) applicants must complete the supplemental questions to be considered for the posting. In order to complete the supplemental questions please go to CAPPS Recruit to register or login and access your profile. Go to CAPPS Recruit to Sign In https://capps.taleo.net/careersection/ex/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en*** Copies of Official Transcripts are Required (Applications without Copies of Official Transcripts attached will be subject to rejection) ***Conditions of Employment:Prior to employment must provide documentation from a physician of:1. Visual acuity,All acuity testing must have occurred prior to and within six (6) months of the start date.Must be able to obtain a forensic analyst license from the Texas Forensic Science Commission in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure Title 1 Chapter 38.01 within one hundred eighty (180) days of starting employment.A college-level statistics course is required for new hire licensing. An applicant for Biology/DNA must have successfully completed the course prior to application. The applicant must be able to provide official transcripts of a college-level statistics course from an accredited university or a program approved by the Forensic Science Commission (FSC).GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Performs (entry-level) training on laboratory tests, analyses, classifications, comparisons and identifications of all types of physical evidence from crime scenes with emphasis and specific recognized expertise in an option or specialty area identified above. Training involves interpreting analytical and instrumental results, and preparing written opinion reports. Trains on testimony as an expert witness in court as to results of analyses. Works under close supervision, with minimal latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.The following Military Occupational Specialty codes are generally applicable to this position. Applicants must fully complete the summary of experience to determine if minimum qualifications are met. 31B, 31D, 311A, 31A, 649X, 749X, 401, 023, OAP12, 5805, 5803, 7S0X1, 3P0X1, 31PX, 71SXESSENTIAL DUTIES / RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Trains on receiving and returning evidence items and completing proper forms according to strict transfer procedures to guarantee and maintain the integrity of accepted chain of evidence for each item.2. May contact various law enforcement officials and others to obtain and/or provide information related to offense to which provided evidence items are relevant.3. Trains on preparation of preliminary and final reports concerning results of each analysis performed.4. May serve as an expert witness in court.5. Attends work regularly and observes approved work hours in accordance with agency leave and attendance policies.6. Performs other duties as assigned.Forensic Scientist I (Bio/DNA):7. Reads required training materials and demonstrates understanding of procedures through analysis of competency test samples provided.8. Learns the examination and collection of stains to determine the presence of blood and other human body tissues and secretions, procedures used to extract DNA from these tissues, and to conduct DNA testing to compare criminal evidence with samples of known origin.9. Learns to evaluate, interpret, and document the