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CCI Change/Communications Manager/Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia

[Citizens of Atlanta, Georgia routinely contact the City of Atlanta to report issues and request city services. City of Atlanta utilizes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage those customer interactions. A project is underway to replace the existing CRM application (ServiceNow) with a MS Dynamics solution. Accenture is the vendor that is facilitating the project. [City of Atlanta is in need of a Change/Communications Manager for the CRM Replacement project. Responsibilities for this position are two-fold: ]{verdana",sans-serif"=""}]{verdana",sans-serif"=""}

  1. Change Management: Ensure that changes to the application set-up, configuration, and deployment are conducted in a manner that minimizes the risk to business operations.
  2. Communications Management: Ensure that the key information re: the project (functionality, operational impact, integration implications, deployment plans/dates, etc.) are communicated in detail to senior management, stakeholders, end-users, and the public.

**[Description [The Change/Communications Manager ensures that all changes are managed in a controlled manner, including standard changes and emergency maintenance relating to business processes, applications, and infrastructure. This includes change standards and procedures, impact assessment, prioritization and authorization, emergency changes, tracking, reporting, closure, and documentation.

[The Change/Communications Manager will be responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing both internal and external communication strategies. This role will ensure that all communications are consistent with the City of Atlanta brand, values, and goals. The successful candidate will have a strong background in public relations, corporate communications, and content creation.

[Key Responsibilities - Change ]{verdana",sans-serif"=""}]{verdana",sans-serif"=""}]{verdana",sans-serif"=""}]{verdana",sans-serif"=""}**

Establishes the process for change management and ensures that each change follows the complete procedure to ensure minimum disruption to IT services and business operations.

Evaluates all requests for change (RFCs) to determine the impact on business processes and IT services, and to assess whether change will adversely affect the operational environment and introduce unacceptable risk.

Authorizes acceptable changes, either alone or after a Change Advisory Board meeting has taken place.

Ensures that changes are logged, prioritized, categorized, assessed, authorized, planned, and scheduled, and are introduced in a controlled and coordinated manner.

Liaises with all necessary parties to coordinate change building, testing, and implementation, in accordance with schedules.

Carefully manages emergency changes to minimize further incidents and make sure the change is controlled and takes place securely. Verifies that emergency changes are appropriately assessed and authorized after the change.

Maintains a tracking and reporting system to document rejected changes, communicates the status of approved and in-process changes, and completes changes.

Makes certain that approved changes are implemented as planned and ensures that they have met their objectives. Refers back any changes that have been backed out of and have failed.

Whenever changes are implemented, updates the solution and user documentation and the procedures affected by the change accordingly.

Analyzes change records to determine any trends.