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City of Altus PARAMEDIC in Altus, Oklahoma

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The purpose of the work is to provide life-saving medical treatment in emergency situations to include initial patient examination, prompt and efficient medical care, patient handling, and patient transport in accordance with established protocols. Emergency medicine provided through proper and prompt initial care significantly increases patient survivability and reduces the possibility of long-term illness.


  1. Responds to on-site accidents and other emergencies involving injury and illnesses
  2. On arrival on the scene, makes an assessment of patients condition.
  3. Selects from a variety of prescribed protocols for patient under given circumstances.
  4. Provides treatment from chosen protocol and makes modifications if necessary within limits
  5. Conducts complete examination of the patient to determine nature, extent and seriousness of condition such as if and how the patient can he moved and where to be transported to
  6. Priortizes treatments for patient having multiple problems
  7. Employs a variety of established medicine techniques, methods and equipment to the appropriate medical facility.


  • Current Oklahoma Paramedic License, Current NREMT Certification
  • Current CPR certification, AHA
  • Current AHA ACLS certification shall be required of any paramedic who is currently licensed as such with the exception of a recent graduate of an EMT-Paramedic course (that paramedic shall receive certification within one (1) year of employment).
  • AHA PALS or PEPP (Pediatric Advanced Life Support or Pre-hospital Emergency Pediatric Provider) shall be obtained within one (a) year of employment.
  • Valid Drivers License


  • Ability to read and communicate effectively in English
  • Verbal ability to understand medical and scientific terminology in order to communicate with professional staff regarding responsibilities of providing care and pharmacology services to patients
  • Ability to understand policies and procedures relating to job performance

Physical Demands

  • For physical demands of the position, including vision, hearing, repetitive motion and environment: Near visiual and hearing acuity requirement to perform essential duties of the job
  • Must be clean, neat and professional at all times.
  • Physcial stamina is needed to be able to lift, carry, squat, crawl reach, kneel, pull, twist with good body mechanics for sustained periods of time.
  • Must demonstrate good health and energy and the ability to think and act independently in emergency situations.
  • Vision and hearing are essential on the job

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